Monday, October 31, 2011

Cheeseblarg's Halloween Scavenger Hunt

As promised, though it took every bit of my energy to do this (so you better participate, or no scavenger hunt, ONE YEAR) the SECOND OFFICIAL CHEESEBLARG SCAVENGER HUNT- of HALLOWEENESS!

Grand Prize- Trick or Treat package courtesy of  Southern Fried Children 
Second and Third place prize- Halloween Llama (your choice of costume- delivered by email)

Participation badge for everyone else!

Internet searches don't count towards personalized prizes. To participate, take photos of all of the hunt items below.

Upload your finished scavenger hunt as one image by using (or a similar collage application). The first person with the most images from the hunt, uploaded by November 5th will receive a Trick or Treat package from the darling and wonderful Kelly of Southern Fried Children who was kind enough to help me out since all of my money is still gone with no word on when it will come back. Winners two and three get personalize llama art from me. I will announce the winners on the 6th, at which point info will be collected to send out prizes.

You must post a link to your image HERE IN THE COMMENTS to be considered for a prize. HERE. IT MUST BE HERE. IN THE COMMENTS. ON THE BLARG. It doesn't count if it is NOT here....

And what must you find?

  1. A cross dresser
  2. Scary Jack-o-lantern 
  3. Funny/Cute Jack-o-lantern
  4. Bobbing for Apples
  5. The jackass who stole all my money
  6. Caramel Apple
  7. Star Wars Character
  8. Group of at least 4 people acting like zombies
  9. A person dressed as food
  10. Food dressed as a person
  11. Pet in a costume
  12. Bad treats being given out
  13. Silliest slutty costume you can find
  14. Strangest person NOT in costume
  15. Best house decoration
  16. A crying child
  17. A spider
  18. A vampire (sparkling or not)
  19. A person dressed as a farm animal
  20. Harry Potter Character
  21. Werewolf Attack
  22. An Angry Bird
  23. A graveyard
  24. The BEST treat
  25. A ghost
  26. Current event costume
  27. Inappropriate child costume
  28. A Hunka Hunka Burning Love
  29. A Skeleton
  30. A child dressed as a waffle iron (this was my mom's suggestion and may give you some insight into what is wrong with me) - or a TRICK
  31. Llama OR Narwhal

Good luck, happy hunting, and happy Halloween!


  1. omg i wish i wasn't fighting off a zombie virus so i could do this. the last one was so much fun

  2. What? You didn't use any of my suggestions? Hammertoe? Not even bunion?
    I am sad.

  3. Oh man! In Australia, we don't really celebrate Halloween. I didn't even have any trick or treaters last night.
    I'll have to do a net search, it's my only hope!

  4. Man, that's gonna be tough! I'll do my best!

  5. Wow. This scavenger hunt is way to hard.
    I don't even KNOW 4 people.

  6. I wish I noticed this sooner. I probly would have won. You can find almost all these things any night on the Las Vegas Strip or on Fremont Street. You can high five a storm trooper, shake hands with Elvis, then spot a cross dresser all within a 10 foot radius.

  7. It's open until Nov. 5th!

    Damn it, no one is gonna do this. *sad face*

  8. Oh! I am sad. We don't celebrate Halloween here. It will be tough for me.

  9. If I had internet connection out at the Ren Faire I would so post my entry Saturday night, because honestly, ain't nothing freakier than the things you see at a Ren Faire. Sadly no net, so no pictures, and I won't be home again for 10 days which is well past the deadline.
    Damn and I could have even gotten you a picture of a slutty Picachu!

  10. Mrow. I just saw this one, and it's florida, so all the jack-o-lanterns are already rotted and thrown away. I could, however, probably come up with a picture of a cross dresser in a snap. It's Florida!


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