Tuesday, November 1, 2011

NaBlaPoMo, Dontcha Know!

I've decided I am going to do NaBloPoMo (or NaBlaPoMo, in my case)... however, that is going to require that I stop drowning my sorrow in leftover Halloween candy, because otherwise, I am going to be in a candy-induced Carb Coma ™ for the remainder of November, which will make posting EVERY DAY very difficult.

To update, still haven't gotten my money back from Paypal. The remainder of my money was stolen moments before midnight the night before last because for some reason, probably having to do with stupid optimism, naïveté, and a desire for a cheeseburger, my Paypal credit card was not canceled, and I was not given the option to block the hell out of iTunes until the rest of my money was gone... JRose is a little stressed.

But I will be posting every day of National Blarg Posting Month, so you should have at least something to read each day. Be here or be part and parcel of my complete and total mental breakdown!


  1. Hellooo fellow bloggers and blarger!

    I am looking for TWO guest bloggers this month. If anyone wants to be a guest blogger (would be nice to have you on board jrose!) submit it to kevin.nielsen22@gmail.com or on facebook (name is obvious in e-mail) with a link to your blog so I can post it along your article. You will be credited with a link to your blog! *winning*

    Thank youuu all!! And jrose, I read your blog religiously! Love it!

  2. i swear im in the middle of having one, too. we can do it together! it will be like a twisted bonding experience

  3. Whoop! 30 days of Cheeseblarg!

  4. sorry about the card - again. that SUCKS. :(

    on the bright side - a whole month of posts from you? *happy dance*

  5. SUCKS! Man, I can't believe that they haven't figured things out yet. I'm so, so sorry. I'd be a crying mess if I were in your shoes. (Unless the Rock was hiding in one of them)

  6. That is one sad sad picture of sleepytime. You can allllmost feel a Willy Wonka nightmare happening inside that head. But it is easier to see dreams when the mouth is completely wide open.

  7. haha love the picture and know the feeling. I have been sneaking way too many candy from my kiddos' pumpkin pails.


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