Sunday, November 27, 2011

By Tuesday, I will no longer be a liar.

I've been lying to you all.  I've shamelessly misrepresented myself.
Last week, there was a mix-up and I missed an appointment to get my bangs trimmed (that is my fringe for OG English speakers).  I've needed a bang trim since before I went to NYC in fact, and instead of drawing myself as I actually look, I have continued to draw myself with cute short bangs. I'm sorry.  But there is a reason.

Now, I am cute.  I have no doubt about it, but when my  bangs get to a certain length, it causes some sort of illusion wherein I look like a frumpy cross dressing cave man.

Perhaps it is the hair in my eyes that causes this visual disturbance, but it can only be combated by wearing more makeup than I usually have the patience to wear, and since I don't draw any realistic features on my cartoon representation, it is easier to just create the same effect by making my bangs the right length.

Believe me, I did it for you... and also for me... because I'm vain and don't want to be hassled by scientists thinking they've found a missing link.

OH, and my Coco Llama,  the actual piece that was in the museum in NYC is now for sale on eBay.  Share it with everyone you know. I still need to pay for that trip!


  1. Hahah...take a page from a toddler's playbook and cut your own bangs? Could be fun.

  2. Yup, tried that. I ended up looking like Lloyd in Dumb and Dumber. It is a style best left to professionals, and my hair cutting lady trims them for free, which is a price that can't be beat.

  3. Once a little boy that I was teaching cut off all of his bangs during reading time because they were in his face. His mom was NOT happy with me. Ha!

    (This was a very honest and brave post. I commend you for coming clean.)

  4. Myth - Cro Magnon ladies didn't actually wear bone hair bows. I was devastated to learn this.

  5. The first step to recovery is admitting you're a liar-liarface from Liarton.

  6. I feel your pain about bangs. I cut my own when I was seven when my Maternal Unit kept putting off taking me to the salon. Cured her procrastination right up.

  7. I once painted my wee brother's face, when I was very young, but his fringe was in the way, so I cut it off and told him not to tell... he did. Like our mum wouldn't have noticed anyway!

    Lucy from Scotland


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