Thursday, January 19, 2012


I got some awesome and funny high five pictures and as promised, we have the best of them (they were all great damn it, but I can't have fair contests if I am gonna choose everyone as the winners, though you are all totally winners in my mind for even bothering to send stuff in, and it being funny and/or cute). All the entries can be found (with links where available) over the facebook Cheeseblarg page.

I have come to realize I am wrong, though.  There are certain people I would high five. Or certain person. NPH. But beyond him, I don't know who else. Neal Patrick Harris is just utterly high fivable.

And before we get to the winner, I did one more animal high five of my own, for many reasons, which you are welcome to guess.

And now onto the winners!

From Stephanie at "Clay Baboons"- she actually sent several entries that were very hard to choose from and featured animal high fives on her blog and she makes me laugh. A lot.

Tonya at "Where Have All The Hobos Gone" won me over with her "Altos Cinco!"

High Fortying made me actually laugh aloud. Thanks Haley, from "Haley's Comic."

and as an honorable mention for being topical:

Mollie of "OK in UK"

Please do stop over at da Cheeseblarg on facebook and check out the other entries.  All of the participants deserve positive attention for their cute and funny pieces!


  1. Yay Haley! Love the clay one too, I started following.

  2. Aww they're all great! That bull is fantastic

  3. I had fun looking through the Facebook album. Who knew unicorns could be so dangerous? I think my personal favorite was the zombie high five. Thanks for exposing me to Clay Baboons!

  4. Well, THANK YOU for featuring my squirrel high five! I laughed out loud at the unicorn high five. Off I go to visit some of those other blogs...

  5. Yay! Oi'm 'onorable menschen!

    What a pal!

  6. I'm so sad I'm just now discovering your blog! I would have made Inigo Montoya giving his father's killer a 'high six.'

    Oh well... congrats to the winners! ^5 to all of you!

    1. Welcome!

      You killed my father, prepare to die!


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