Monday, July 16, 2012

My Bad Summer of Eating Date with @Bing and @Klout

I took my husband out on a date today because I tried to take him on a date yesterday only to find the restaurant we wanted to go to didn't open at normal hours on Sunday, and now that my husband is working again, we can only do things on Sundays and Mondays because those are his days off.

I also took him out because I got a perk from and (because I am super popular), where I was given a wine set and a $10 Visa giftcard to celebrate their Summer of Eating promotion.
I even told our awesome waitron why we were there and she wrote down in her order taking thingy, because she likes free things as much as everyone else likes free things, and as much as I like free things, which is an awesome reason to sign up for because I have gotten quite a few great free things from them.

Only, when it came time to pay, I pulled out my super duper Visa giftcard, and IT DIDN'T FREAKING WORK.

It was like  one of those moments when you go on a date with some guy who picked you up on the internet and then after you have eaten delicious food that you THOUGHT he was gonna pay for, he is all, "Oh, sorry, I guess my card isn't working..." and you're all "FINE, the waitron has swiped your card three times and you need to know that I am SO NOT PUTTING OUT NOW, but fucking fuck, I'll pay for it. Asshole!"

That's how Klout/Bing made me feel.  They were the bad date that screws you over and makes you pay for the food they promised you, because THEY sure as hell aren't going to wash dishes to pay for this meal. Not that I would really expect them to, because websites and water don't really mix, but yeah, I was pretty damned disappointed.

That doesn't mean that I won't get free stuff from them again if its available, and that I didn't appreciate what they were TRYING to give me.  It was exciting to get such a cool perk.  And hey, I have this awesome wine set (though I don't drink wine, or anything I could use a wine set with). I'm sure I can find a use for it and as always, suggestions are welcome and illustrations are worth extra points.

It totally looks like a fancy murdering kit to me, but my parents bought me an Infamous Murderers book for Hanukkah when I was a teenager, so that probably explains that line of thought.

I just wish that after touting how awesome Klout and Bing were on twitter and in the restaurant, the friggen card worked so I didn't look like one of those girls...

And I think this kinda goes without saying, because of the content of this "review" but:

Influencer disclosure

I was given a free product or sample because I'm a Klout influencer. I was under no obligation to receive the sample or talk about this company. I get no additional benefits for talking about the product or company.


  1. mini vampire killing kit? complete with garlic holder and metal stake? Giving you an empty gift card was probably even more rude than just not giving you anything. Who gives people an empty box? Or a hollow cake with no stripper inside? Just plain old bad manners.

  2. Look like the kinkiest toy kit ever to me. Maybe donate to a fetish club?

  3. I've never been a fan of Klout since they created me an account with out my permission and used my images to do it (which is actually an infringement on my copyright) and bing.. well I find their commercials all too annoying. I'm not surprised they are resorting to bribery to get people to be their friends..

    I hope they step up and fix the gift card for you

  4. That is frustrating! Cool wine set, though. Oh'll never be as popular as google. Sorry.

  5. I love Klout! I'm always trying to figure out new ways to up my score. There are occasions that the perks don't work out but they're usually okay. My sister got free movie tickets that none of our theaters were accepting. I think my only disappointment so far was having been so excited to get free Essie polish that ended up being one bottle of the ugliest pink I've ever seen.
    When Klout frustrates me I just remember that I have a Geico Gecko bobble head on my desk b/c of them and all is right with the world.

  6. It's a good thing you added the disclaimer. Because I hate it when bloggers get free crap that doesn't work and embarrasses them in public, and they don't even admit that the embarrassing non-working crap was free. It's just dishonest.

  7. Everyone I know had received an awesome Klout perk, but I haven't. I am tired of Klout. It's really made me depressed. I constantly monitor my score, and wait for a perk I like. Nothing. I am going to go take a few deep breaths now.

  8. Was it one of those cards you have to activate online before you can use it? Because I got one of those free from my bank before for acheiving a goal balance and tried to use it, but it didn't work, so the cashier explained to me I had to activate it first. And then after I did that, it worked.


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