Saturday, October 20, 2012


My hands are uncooperative today. 

Earlier today, I dropped my Kindle on my face while reading, giving myself a fat lip (though, as I said on twitter shortly after it happened, I was glad it was the kindle and not The Stand by Stephen King, which is what I was actually reading on the kindle, because that book would have given me a fat lip and knocked my tooth out... it's really big).

Before I started writing this, I grabbed my remote control to mute the show that was on TV to watch a video on Facebook and I ended up losing my grip on the remote and launching it at my laptop screen. I was concerned that it had broken the screen, but it seems to be okay. 

I think my point is, don't have me hold your baby today.


  1. "Never read with Kindle above your head."

    ^ Warning that should come on each and every one.

    1. Totally was holding it up in front of my face and it flopped forward onto my mouth.

  2. I love The Stand. Probably my all-time favourite Stephen King book. But you're's really, really long. Statistically speaking, you're almost certain to injure yourself again at some point while reading it.

  3. You've made me ponder on the safety of using textbooks - they're easily the heaviest and biggest books I own.

    I should start a campaign. Textbooks are clearly a health hazard! =P

  4. Totally been there. It's really embarrassing to tell people you hurt yourself just shutting a door walking onto carpet...


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