Monday, February 25, 2013

The Day I Stopped Smoking Cloves.

A (n unfortunately true) Cautionary Tale

And in case you can't read my chicken scratch:

Remember that time in high school that I went to Dick Clark's American Bandstand 
to hit on my adult neighbor who was DJing there? And I was smoking clove cigarettes? 
And then I threw up in my hair? And  on the dance floor... and in their bathroom sink
because all the bathroom stalls were taken? 
Good times...good times.


  1. The irony being that you smoked clove cigarettes because they smelled better than regular cigarettes and, presumably, vomit. I had a friend barf all in the folds of her cowl necked sweater dress, which I think might be on par with a hair puke.

  2. Gross! Did you barf on Dick Clark? That would be a really nice thing to happen.

  3. What's most impressive to me about this story isn't that you got into American Bandstand, although that's quite the feat as I hear the bouncers there can be quite thorough in their...ahem...searches. The bigger thing is the fact you managed to get vomit in your hair. For that, I commend you. This is one of the reasons I always bring a hair band to pull my hair back. Anytime after 11:00 p.m., the hair goes back to avoid instances just like this. Rules to live by.

    1. It was at about 5 o'clock in the afternoon. Yup. Hair puke at 5:15pm. I win at being a loser. LOL


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