Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Following "The Following"?

                            It's a raven. This is a clever tie in to the Poe theme  source.

How many of you are watching The Following?

It is a show about a serial killer who gets a cult following while in prison who carry on his work for him.

I started watching it with the first episode, excited for it after all the promos, and my immediate thought was TRUST NO ONE. ABSOLUTELY NO ONE.  At this point, all I can be relatively sure of is that Kevin Bacon's character, Ryan Hardy, is not part of "The Following." Not even sure about the wife. Certain that young FBI guy is a follower and that I am supposed to think he is, then think he isn't. Seriously, I SUSPECT EVERYONE!!!

        Nope. Don't trust you at all.    source.

Is his 10 year old kid in on it? Maybe?! Who's to say? I wouldn't hand him a pistol, or a letter opener. If they had a dog, I would be wary of it also.

This all stems from me being right about 90% of the bad people in the first episode. I get one bit of confirmation and I can't be dissuaded (not to be confused with dissueded, which would be what Nazis did to Jews in the holocaust). (I know a parenthetical should not be a whole a paragraph on its own but I would like to apologize for that pun. It was really bad. In my defense, there is no defense, but I'm Jewish so I am really only being insensitive to myself, and every other Jew ever, that is, if anyone actually gets it -I digress).

I don't actually know how much I really like the show. I mean I do, but it's a little slow paced, because really, I just want them to show killings and then reveal each episode that another person I knew was a follower is in fact one, which they do. I am also predicting that this will happen each episode until they finally reveal that OMG EXPERT ON THE SERIAL KILLER THAT THE SHOW IS ABOUT IS ALSO A FOLLOWER... no shit Sherlock. But I imagine it would be more exciting if I were watching episodes in rapid succession instead of waiting a week, at which time I have forgotten the series exists all together. So if you haven't seen it yet, you might want to wait until it comes out on Netflix or something and then show binge.

        EVERYONE. EVERYONE IS!!!    source.

It is good though, but predictable to me, because I have predicted that almost everyone is bad. And my confirmation bias doesn't count it when people are good because we still have possibly umpty-clutch  seasons before everyone on earth is dead by the hands of Joe Carroll's followers and by then I can shrug and say, "Oh, I guess the kid wasn't in on it."


  1. I think this starts here in Australia in a few weeks, still debating on whether to watch it or not

  2. I love this show! I think that everyone is in on it except Joe, the wife, and the kid.

  3. I like you was so excited after the promos, but found the first show a little too dragged out for me. I love screaming out-loud after someone that I knew was a follower is revealed. I did DVR 2 weeks worth and watched them back to back. That made it much better and short of running across any spoilers, I think that is what I will do from now on... record and watch a couple at a time. Makes for a smoother story line and keeps the characters a little fresher.


  4. My vote is still out for The Following. I love Kevin Bacon so will keep watching for a few weeks.

  5. He's so guilty. I want to like Weston (because I loved him on Warehouse 13), but he is as trust worthy cult leader with koolaid. When it comes to the show I've changed my perspective on how to watch it. Instead of looking at who is part of the cult (they all are!!!!!) Try to figure out who the good guys are so that when when of them goes all serial killer you'll be like "No you were suppose to be one of the good ones!"


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