Friday, March 29, 2013

Why I Should Not Be Given Comment Boxes.

I went to order delicious chicken wings last night because I am a fan of chicken wings because they are delicious, and I had the option to order online, which is like HEAVEN for someone who is socially awkward and hates talking on the phone, which would accurately describe me. The ordering form, however, was broken into three different pages, only, I had no idea it was broken into three different pages, hence my comment on the first page, but then each page had its own comment section. This is what the order ended up looking like:

This is not something I did to make a funny blarg post about how weird I am. This is how I am. It is an unfortunate way to be when people don't take it well, but thankfully the cashier assured me ("Jodee, with all the comments"), that they heartily enjoyed laughing at my social ineptitude, which works for me (since I detected no spit in my meal at all).

And if you have a Wing Stop near you, I highly recommend the Garlic Parmesan wings. They are totally worth the money. Even though, apparently, chicken wings are one of the rarest food parts of all time for how much places charge for them.


  1. I dont know if all Wing Stops do it, but the ones I have been to have 50 cent boneless wings on Mon/Tues.

  2. This is the most fantastic thing I've read all day in all of its glorious social ineptitude. I just adore it.

    Also, how can you eat chicken wings? They have elbows.

  3. I do this all the time and I like to think it makes people's days! Sometimes I get a response and sometimes I don't. When I don't, that when I tell myself it was the most successful.

    I hope you enjoyed the wings as much as I enjoyed this post!

    Here's a link to a post I did about my sarcastic answers to a trivia night round of questions. This will confirm we are truly soul mates when it comes to sarcasm. I love it!

  4. It makes me happy that you're awkward and socially inept. It gives me hope. Hope for what, I haven't quite decided but hope of any kind is good, right?

  5. I love how you immediately apologize, then carry bravely on, typing away.
    Restaurant workers love a good laugh though, so I wouldn't feel bad!

  6. Oh look! A comment box!

    I was going to say something clever about the price of chicken wings versus the whole bird and how I used to work at a restaurant and it was my job to cut up whole chickens and then I thought about the uses of whole chickens and how they are genetically modified in North America and and then I started to get angry at Monsanto and forgot my original clever comment and now I'm just kind of mad at the food industry and want to go live on a commune.

    So that's how my brain works...

  7. Found your blog via The Pintester.. OMG I can't stop "LOLing" at this post. Totally something I would do. Also, sounds like Wing Stop is very similar to Buffalo Wild Wings which is what we have around here.. also very delicious!!

    1. I actually go to BWW every Tuesday and play trivia while nomming delicious wings. They are good but Wing Stops are even better.


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