Thursday, August 15, 2013

New Things I learned This Week - Episode 4

Thing #1:

There is only so long that I can listen to a child talk about Digimon before I am no longer able to feign interest.

I probably spelled everything wrong, because frankly, I don't give a shit how it is spelled or who they are or what their Mega Ru Mon form is. I love my nephew. I just... I just never want to hear about Weregarururu-ru-ru-ru-mon again. Ever.

Thing #2:

There's something wrong with me.


  1. Just be glad you don't live with it, Jodi. My 7yo LOVES Pokemon. She plays with the cards, she plays one of the video games, she's got the books, she makes up freaking songs about the goddamned things.

    I eventually told her that while I love that she loves them, I actually can't stand them and I'd appreciate it if we'd talk about something else. Luckily her dad is a nerdy man-child who likes the math involved, so she's still got someone to talk to.

  2. And my first concern over hearing about your sandwich dream was that I needed to know what KIND of NY deli sandwich. It's kind of a vital detail.

    And yeah to the Nephew ramblings. Only with's all the different lego characters. In the words of CK Louis, "I'm bored more than I love you".


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