Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Share if you're against banality.

Okay, this has reached a fever pitch that I can no longer ignore.

I saw this posted on Facebook today:

At which point, I was forced to point out the fact that I don't know a single person that is FOR animal cruelty. I mean, I understand the sentiment, but EVERYONE, when they really think about it is against animal cruelty... or at least everyone on Facebook. I have never met a single person who has declared on their social media, "I love beating the shit out of lizards!"

Yes, there are people who commit animal cruelty, and they TOTALLY suck, but even if they go into it thinking "ANIMAL CRUELTY IS MY FAVORITE!" are they going to be swayed by a graphic on Facebook?!

"Dang, I was gonna flog this goat, but Facebook overwhelmingly doesn't like animal cruelty, so cuddle it is!"

As a protest to stupid, obvious AGAINST graphics, I have made a few of my own. Please, feel free to share them passive aggressively!

Also, my mom thinks I am going to get in trouble for my "fire/babies/stabbing" joke, so don't prove her right, damn it.


  1. This is brilliant. While I'm not against setting babies on fire per se, I think stabbing them is taking it too far. Down with this sort of thing!

    Also, share this if you're against smearing your genitals with fish paste and dangling them over a pool of hungry pirahna!

  2. You are not alone.. those things irritate me too..

    although the fans of the walking dead might have issue with that second one..

  3. I'm more of a stab first then set fire kind of guy, so I can see why you would be against that.


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