Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Cheeseblarg on Global Warming

I was rage forced to do this comic because of Facebook posts by an old schoolmate who repeatedly posts weather reports about polar vortexes and snow and then adds the oh-so-witty "Global warming strikes again!" or something similar that reads as, "Yada, yada, I don't understand science!"

It's okay if you don't understand science. It is not a crime... and neither is talking about science when you don't understand it, by poorly quoting other people who don't understand it either... unfortunately.

It would be super awesome if people didn't talk about science when they don't understand it, for the sanity of people who do and so as to not infect more people with idiot ideas, but alas, there are scientific studies that say that when people are really bad at things, they are unaware of the deficiency (which is why I always thought I did really awesome on all of my algebra tests in college when I failed most of them*), so my request is really likely to fall of deaf ears through the fault of our silly monkey brains.

*-I was a late algebra bloomer - after I started substitute teaching, I used the teacher's guide and worked backwards until I finally understood it all.


  1. Argh Science makes my brain hurt!! Oh and must tell you I have a new coffee shop that supplies me with my daily fix called.........Llama Espresso :)

  2. Thank you for this. I have been in a nonsensical towering rage at all the "Heh, heh. Stupid liberals and their global warming, let's go drive really fast in our giant cars and spray hairspray and eat baby penguins" people since the beginning of winter. I shall have to share this very simple explanation with diagrams with all sorts of people. It's a public service you're providing here, really.

  3. But your example is not science at all. And the same bad logic is used to portray heat waves as a sign of global warming. It is just as maddening to see global warming advocates avoid real science for politics. Then avoid the conversation. The analysis needs to pick a climate period. like 10 days, 10 weeks, 10 months, 10 years, or 10 centuries and measure and model within that time period to see if the globed is really warming due to man made activities. Then are the measurements and projections accurate. The Mann Hockey Stick and the Gore movie are both falsehoods not supported by real science. And realistically it is much better to focus on pollution prevention as a way to alter human consciousness into a better steward of the planet. Everyone can see and agree on that.

    1. Also, totally haven't watched either of those movies, and I don't have positive proof that humans are able to manipulate global climate change, which may just come in waves as a process of time... but I am not so arrogant as to claim that because there is snow in one place, that it disproves anything.

  4. My example was explaining why the polar vortex happened, and how it doesn't disprove global climate change.

  5. Very nice! I am so glad you commented today because I followed you, back when I was "undercover" and using an alias and then forgot to follow with my real name. *bangs head against desk* So now I guess me and my imaginary friend are following you!


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