Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Melancholy Princess (Part 5)

We're at the end of our story. If you're just joining us, it only makes sense to start at the beginning.

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The Melancholy Princess (Part 5- The End)

“Hello again.”
“Ivan,” she said, surprised by the man standing amongst the trees. “Do you live in these woods or something?”
He grinned. “You could say that. Come looking for your wolf again?”
“Yes,” she said. “I am worried about him.”
“Shall we look together today?”
“Fine,” she said. ‘Company wouldn’t be bad,’ she thought to herself.

They wandered through the woods looking for the wolf, talking. Ivan told her stories of hunting and silly jokes about dwarves. She smiled.

Coming to a clearing in the trees, the princess stopped short and gasped.

On the dappled ground lain a silvery wolf pelt.
“Wolf!” She cried, dropping to her knees beside the bundle of fur. Stroking the soft, cold coat, she began to cry.
“Don’t cry,” the voice drifted down to her. She blinked up at Ivan.
“Wolf?” She whispered.
“I’ll keep you company,” he said.
The princess looked up, eyeing the man before her.
“I’ll keep you company,” he repeated again, pulling the princess towards him, softly nuzzling her hair.

“But where were you?” She said, kissing his cheek. “Why did you go?”

“I ran deep into the forest to find an enchantress to turn me into a man so I might keep you company as long as you like. 

I know what it’s like to be sad, to be scared of nothing at all and everything at once,” he said, taking her into his arms. “You were the most melancholy princess I have ever seen, but your loneliness drew me in. I was lonely too. I promised I would keep you company and I meant it, but no respectable king would let his daughter marry a wolf and I could not bear to be kept as a pet. If you’ll have me, I’d gladly be your prince. I love you, princess.”
“I love you too, wolf.”
“Ivan,” he smiled.
“Prince Ivan,” she said. And she was never lonely again, except sometimes she was, but she always had company when she wanted it.

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The moral of the story is it's okay to fall in love with a wolf/dog after a day and want them to be your companion forever. With people, it's a little weird but sometimes it works. Especially if they used to be a wolf. Want to share the whole story at once? Click The Melancholy Princess at the top of this page.

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