Thursday, April 27, 2017

Lizard Girl- Beauty Vlogger

So I have been wanting to create some videos of me putting on makeup in fancy ways, but I have Behcet's Syndrome (BS for short) and BS* is fucking up my face.

No matter what product I use, my face is dry and scaly. From basically forehead to jawline, I look like I'm molting. I've tried using moisturizers but they all just irritate my skin further, so I get blisters on my face in addition to scales. And yes, I've tried sensitive skin moisturizer and natural remedies with no man-made chemicals; it's all a no go. Sometimes, even water is too much for it.

When I brought up the idea of makeup tutorials, my skin was clear and soft for the first time in... well, most of my adult life, thanks to the wonders of chemotherapy**. But for some reason now, on the same dosage, my skin wants to pretend it's an alligator, so until I can adjust my dosage to the point that it works, I can either hold off on making videos, or I can embrace a new identity:

Image reads: Lizard Girl Beauty Vlarger and shows a lizard with a bob haircut and bow in her hair, wearing a peach shirt with a fly on it putting on lipstick in front of a hollywood style mirror.

*quite the apropos abbreviation
** Chemotherapy is an accepted treatment for BS, which helps my body to stop attacking its own vascular system. I'm not just taking dangerous medicine to have nice skin, though it is a plus... when it actually works.


  1. That sure is BS for you to have to go through, but lizard girl is adorable!

    1. I've decided to embrace my lizard skin and do the thing.

      Also, thank you for always commenting. <3

  2. pretty sure you aren't the only one out there with this, I'm sure others might appreciate a vlog by someone going through the same thing they are


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