Tuesday, September 13, 2011


While I am entirely against violence and revenge, people who create those viruses that pretend to be virus warnings that try to trick computards, like my sister and her husband, who don't have anti-virus programs on their family's laptop (because WHO NEEDS ANTI-VIRUS!? YAY! THE INTERNETS! OOH WHAT'S THAT!? CLICK CLICK CLICK!


into paying said virus makers to remove the virus on their site that pretends to be "Window's Helpful Security Tool"... those people, they should have acupuncture needles inserted into their peeholes. I'm just saying. I don't condone violence*, but they kinda deserve it.

*This statement, the result of 11 hours of wrestling with a fake security warning virus out of the goodness of my heart, which kept me up until 6am, running and rerunning two different malware removers and spybot s&d, to try to get my sister's computer usable for her work trip (which she told me about last night at 7pm), only to find that the virus keeps me from being able to finish the last step to remove it (installing an actual anti-virus program) so that the whole hard drive needs to be wiped, though the backup OS disk has been lost of course, is not representative of my usual feelings or intentions towards hackers, who really should DIAF until I get more than 4 hours of sleep. Really, die.

<3, JRose


  1. JRose, Save the program onto a thumb drive. Start up the laptop in Safe Mode. When you install the program, change the name of the folder and file. It will trick the virus and allow it to load. I ran into this same thing today.

  2. Ewwww....snot porn
    ....must click on it............

  3. Next time make your sister fix it herself.
    That'll teach her.

  4. Never let family members know that you know anything about computers. I'm just saying.

  5. I feel your Rage. I too have had to deal with this virus. I had to nuke and boot a box that got it. Yucky stuff. Hope you can get some extra rest!

  6. So who all immediately went to Google to see if snot porn was actually a thing?

    I did.

    Spoiler: It is. Actually. A thing. What the hell, humanity?!

  7. @Shad- You're welcome. *snicker*

  8. I feel your pain... On my trip to VA (which I am still writing my blog post about... sigh), my Aunt coerced me into trying to fix her computer, which her daughter had commandeered and somehow turned into a large paperweight with pretty pictures on the screen. Couldn't even shut it down properly because the Start menu wouldn't come up. You click on the Start button on the taskbar, and a Start-menu-shaped shaded area comes up, but no icons in it. And of course, every time I tried to load anything onto the thing to destroy whatever psychotic programs are rendering the thing useless, it froze. By the time I left, I wanted to stab my cousin in the face with a spork for killing that poor computer.


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