Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Be My Valentine Contest (details inside)

My husband is terrible at gift-giving holidays. He is very sweet and loves me more than I ever thought a boy would, is glad to give me money to buy things for myself when we have some (though I have issues with buying things for myself, though that is another post all together), is happy to take me out to dinner on Valentine's day (if I plan it),  but has anxiety about buying presents, so I have a tradition of making my friends my Valentines. It is a win/win/win, the pressure is taken off of him, I get the attention and presents I want, and my Valentine-challenged friends have someone to dote on them.

And since you guys listen to me be silly, and even encourage me with comments, you can be brought into the fold of my super fantastic Valentine's extravaganza!

If you are chosen as my Valentine, you get the following:

A bouquet of paper forget-me-nots, a hand painted ACEO (2.5"x3.5" mini-painting) of a love-lorn llama, and a love-struck llama pendant.
Plus an assortment of candy and a handmade Valentine from me.

Details after the jump!

For the next week (from January 19th-January 26th) I am holding a "Be My Valentine" sweepstakes contest. To enter, you must:

  • Follow this blarg
  • Comment with either "the weirdest valentine gift you ever gave or received" or write a poem to the cheeseblarg. While you can comment as much as you like, only one entry can be collected by commenting. (I request the right to repost poems with full credit to the writer if the mood strikes me)

To collect extra entries after fulfilling the above requirements (you must comment here for the ones below to count):

RT for an extra entry for @fattieart's Be My Valentine Contest

Note- If your account is private I will not be able to see and count your entries through retweeting.

  • Like Cheeseblarg on facebook.  While you're at it, why not share the "Be My Valentine Contest" post from the Cheeseblarg page or a link to your favorite post using the tag @Cheeseblarg in the description so that I can see your post?
Because of the rules of Facebook (who in no way endorses or sponsors this contest) extra entries cannot be collected on Facebook for people who are under 18, or who live in Belgium, Norway, Sweden, or India. Sorry!

  • Link to Cheeseblarg on your blog or tumblr. Be sure to comment with a link to your post so that I can count your entry. Only one entry per day, per medium. 

Entries will be collected and drawn at random using an internet randomizer at 10pm MST on the 26th and the prize will be sent out the 31st of January.

Open to all readers 16 and up (though package may not make it before Valentine's day should an international reader win). Void where prohibited. I will post the winner here, and on twitter, at which point I will need the winner's address to send the package.


  1. I don't know about weird, but the worst valentine I ever received was a grocery store card. Unsigned. It was pretty much then I realized where I rated on his scale of importance.

    And, for good measure:

    "Ode to Cheeseblarg"

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    I love Cheeseblarg
    and YOU SHOULD TOO!!!!

  2. I was 14 and he brought me a HUGE cheapo box of chocolates and a HUGE teddy the skating rink. I couldnt skate and hold them at the same time...I dumped him the following week. I was fickle.

    Sad Llamas and gadgets attack,
    Phoenix the daddy cant get any slack.
    Cheeseblarg your heart I would woo
    But you cant eat your cake and have it too

    Makes no sense, but there you go.

  3. I got a mix tape from a boyfriend once for valentines day. It included such gems as "Girl, don't go away mad" by motley crue, and "nothing else matters" by metallica. SO romantic. Needless to say, we are no longer together. Now I'm married to the guy who buys me snow scrapers for my birthday in June... 'cause they're on sale.

  4. An ode to Cheese(blarg)

    My heart isn't black
    My heart isn't blue
    It's filled with Gruyere
    Cheese(blarg), I love you!

  5. Oh Cheese Blarg:

    Oh Cheese blarg,
    How you make me smile,
    Avoiding you wouldn’t be worthwhile.

    Oh Cheese Blarg,
    With your heart shaped llama eyes,
    Just getting to visit is quite a prize.

    Oh Cheese blarg,
    I heart you,
    Oh I heart you, yes I do!

    <3 Jennie O.

  6. I'd like cheese on my entire family, he said!
    And llamas continuously dance in my head.
    With whale wars aplenty.
    And Zombies goes shopping.
    I think I'd rather have bacon instead!

    Yeeeaaah. That made no sense, but I tried.

  7. Weirdest gift accepted/given:

    When I was 14, my mom decided to give me a "bouquet of condoms" for Valentines day. A just in case thing. She made it. I wasn't "playing" around or anything. That didn't happen till 17. Thanks mom. Gave it to a friend who I knew would need it instead :)

    Dear llama with your heart shaped eyes,
    How I love you so,
    Can you please be mine?
    With a bunch of flowers,
    and a trinket for the neck,
    Just a look at you,
    and I want to give you a peck.

  8. Darn...came up as the wrong name...

    Dear llama with your heart shaped eyes,
    How I love you so,
    Can you please be mine?
    With a bunch of flowers,
    and a trinket for the neck,
    Just a look at you,
    and I want to give you a peck.

  9. I absolutely adore the heart-shaped eyes on the llama.

    I'm jealous of you "good with your hands" types. I can't cut jack shit in a straight line, let alone make adorable cuteness like you do, in addition to the awesome artwork.


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