Friday, May 13, 2011

Move, you stupid horse!

Sometimes, it is best to take the advice of 80's movie characters, and not wallow to where you feel like your drowning in the Swamp of Sadness.

Sometimes, you just need small erase figurines of cute animals to come out of the damned vending machine that you put your last two quarters in because you knew it would cheer you up when you were having a really crappy day because your body decided to wake you up by sticking you in the bathroom for 2 hours in agonizing pain, for some unknown reason, and you feel like there is someone trying to hack apart your head so you slept most of the day and didn't get anything done and you just want a freaking eraser dolphin with a flower on its head. But no, the machine jams, and you are left angry and quarter-less, and I just wanted the DAMNED DOLPHIN!

(reposted after it was eaten yesterday by the blogger monster... if there are two of them, comment on this one because I am deleting the other if it reappears. Thank goodness for RSS or it would have been goneski)


  1. I saw a really cool eraser today I totally would have bought for you, it wasn't a dolphin though. It was a monkey...they have opposable thumbs.

    But that's when you should have had a total hissy including kicking and screaming. It would have made you feel better!

  2. I will accept any cute eraser, toy, etc. Always. I love presents!

  3. Yes! I was sad that Blogger ate this yesterday...
    I needed to let you know that after seeing the image, I proceeded to scream everyone's name from The Neverending Story, the exact way they said it in the movie...there was a lot of name screaming in that movie...

  4. I love those erasers! But I never use them because they are so pretty and neglect the non-pretty ones.

  5. How do you have vending machines in your life that have dolphin erasers? I'm inappropriately jealous. I would have opted for a party burrito with my last two quarters.

  6. I'm pretty sure we lost everything after a certain time (don't remember their exact spot). I just got suspicious and starting backing up the start portions of my blog posts (because blogger was in read-only mode) starting with the newest one and then a short while later I noticed that the latest things on my blog and a friend's were gone.

    There is a tool in blogger that lets you export a copy of your blog off-site and I use it about every 6 months as well as backing up individual posts to my iPad then cascade to email.

  7. love that movie, but I still get creeped out when the horse's eyes start rolling around just before the mud sucks him down.

  8. WHAT is the name he screams for the princess?!!? I MUST KNOW!!!!!!!

    And, I totally would have gotten someone to unjam that damn vending machine and either A) returned your money or B) given me pick of what eraser was inside that I wanted.

    Sorry you've been feelin' ill. I can empathize. (Food


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