Thursday, June 2, 2011

More Than Meets the Eye

My nephew is currently obsessed with Transformers so while planning the invitations for his 5th birthday party, I became inspired. Enjoy my random Optimus Prime art.


  1. He has a sad because he ate his cake!

  2. Cute---he is SO lucky to have such a talented auntie!

  3. oh goodness! i love it! optimus in a party hat!!! he was my first cartoon crush. yes, i have a crush on a semi truck robot. i still have a crush on his voice. <3 you rock!

  4. I am also drawing some random art. Ok, not "some" so much as "a random picture", because my brain is not functioning and can only come up with one awesome idea at a time, or not at all. I can't think of what to blog about for the life of me.

  5. I can't believe how talented you are - with both words and pictures!

    You really make me sick.

    In a good way!

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