Thursday, July 28, 2011

I think the phrase is 'Kill it with Fire'?

My husband is growing me strawberries.  They have been working their way up to actually producing fruit for the last 2 years... and now, I wish they wouldn't because this is what they look like:

Yes, we have terrifying mutant strawberries growing in my backyard.  I'm wondering if maybe there was a toxic chemical spill in that area, because the strawberry plants in the plot on the other side of the yard (that get the same amount of water, light, fertilizer, and love) are just fine, but these ones, all of them, about 6 plants, they have produced horrible alien strawberries and I hate them. It makes me feel queasy just knowing that they are there, in the yard, watching me... plotting to give me their space herpes.


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  1. *shudder* Stomp those fucks before they grow appendages and start attacking the children!! Eeeeeeeeep!!

  2. "ploting to give me space herpes" I love it! They do look strange, Maybe they would give you special mutant powers.

    @Kim - lol maybe the children would deserve it.

  3. Those are disturbing berries.

  4. I have some that look like that but in jumbo size. Odd berries this year although the chickens enjoyed them once they were ripe.

  5. that is just creepy! Like dwarfism and elephantitis in one.

  6. If you're lucky, one of them may end up looking like Jesus and you'd be set.

    I'm not sure if this helps, but:

    ""Nubbins" or "button berries" may be caused by tarnished plant bugs, heavy infestations of cyclamen mites, frost injury, nutrient deficiencies (boron, calcium), inadequate pollination, abnormally high temperatures that make pollen nonviable, or by the application of 2,4-D from Aug. 1 to Nov. 1, when fruit buds are differentiating."

    I'd check for either the tarnished plant bugs or the mites first.

  7. Alan, somehow I knew you would have good advice on this. I shall pass it on to my husband, the level two Master Gardener. I'm surprised they didn't die from me just touching them for the picture, I am that bad with plants (or living things really... I may tell the story of my hamsters at some point, aka, why I have no pets).

  8. Those sure are some scary looking strawberries!


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