Tuesday, August 2, 2011

August Sticker Sale- Cake Squirrel is not a lie.

This month's limited edition sticker is dedicated to my husband, who turns 44 on August 22nd.  Triangular nosed squeakers (aka squirrels) are one of his favorites, so I made a ginger squirrel sticker with cake in his honor.   There are 44 stickers available and they will go off sale, per usual, the last day of the month.

This sticker is no longer available for sale... sorry!

For those viewing via RSS, there is a button to buy on the actual blarg page!

As always, this is a homemade, hand cut, matte finish sticker.  It measures 4" by about 3".  There is no additional shipping.  All sent in a standard envelope with a cute drawing on it by me. And as always, if you wanna give me extra money, the option is available (and super mega appreciated).

Check out the new sticker page for other fancy stickers you can buy!


  1. I like cake for breakfast...with coffee of course!

  2. Awww yay ginger squirrels who bear cake!

  3. wooo stickers :D i feel bad because 10 USD is only like 6.50 GBP though :S

  4. August 22nd is my birthday too! I feel compelled to buy myself a sticker in honor of awesome birthdays :D I'll pick one up when we get paid on Monday, woooo!


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