Monday, August 1, 2011

Da dun, da dun...

Shark week has been near and dear to my heart since the first time I watched it, the summer before my 11th grade year.  As I've watched it through the years, it has always reminded me of my best high school boyfriend, Alex (who reads this blarg, incidentally, hi, Alex!) because it was in his living room, on his couch, that the greatness that is a week full of terrifying shark facts was introduced to me.
And sharks are friggen awesome.  I mean I wouldn't want to hang out with one necessarily, or like... be eaten by one... though it would make a good story, being eaten by a shark in Montana, far away from places where sharks live... but still, not really up for that. So yes, I like to watch things about sharks, because they are fascinating and it gives me great information on how to avoid being eaten by them... which again, is much less of an issue now, living in Montana, than it was when I was growing up 8 blocks from the Atlantic Ocean.

My favorite shark fact: Sharks use electrical impulses to know where to bite, instead of their eyes, which are covered when they go all bitey to protect them from injury due to animals fighting back, because animals really don't like being bitten.

What's your favorite shark fact?


  1. My Favourite Shark Fact is that because they (obviously) don't have hands or paws, they "feel" with their jaws. So when a shark bites you, it is actually giving you a hug.

    A death hug, admittedly - but still a hug.

  2. I was told once (and assumed it was true, but in retrospect it could be a load of crap) that a shark's nose was very sensitive. So if a shark was ever coming towards you or latched onto you, you should punch its nose as hard as you could because that would hurt and get it to release you. A friend swore she did this and it worked, but this friend also drank a lot.

  3. your shark disguised Llama makes me think of the SNL skit... "Candygram" lol! :)

  4. Male sharks have two penises, and sharks can hyper-extend their jaw to bite at larger prey. I think that's awesome.

    I want a shark tooth necklace :( I have since I was a kid.

  5. I absolutely La-HOOOVE the Llama Shark :-) sticker?! yes.

  6. sharks don't have butt cheeks.
    they have butt fins :3

  7. Sharks have rows of teeth and they constantly fall out as a new set comes in.

  8. Do sharks live in the Atlantic Ocean?

  9. two penises? that seems like overkill.
    Heh heh. sharks with overkill. I'm sorry.


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