Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Crazy Eyes

Here is some special insider artist information from me to the blargisphere... just in case you find yourself being constantly called crazy (in part) because you take bizarre pictures that end up on the fronts of magazines and the world continues to make fun of you...

It's really in the positioning. Any show of over iris gives that alarmed/rabid animal look. This is a no-no if you want to appear sane. In general, the lids should touch the top and bottom of the iris, but most people can get away with some under iris before they get to full dismissive eyeroll territory.
Also, for the record: Eyes should match.  So there you go... because I like to be helpful.


  1. LMAO i have a constant problem with my eyes looking psychotic..have u been stalking my facebook lately?? lol

  2. Have you ever noticed that the pictures of run-away brides in the paper always have the crazy,whites ALLLLL the way around the iris thing going on?

  3. Speaking of eyes, you forgot to mention "sanpaku eyes"...


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