Thursday, September 1, 2011

September Sticker Sale- T-Rex Wants Ice Cream

Dinosaurs just can't catch a break!

I drew this sticker because I had a dream about dinosaurs last night where I had a teacup triceratops that was bright red, and it was super cute and liked snuggling/ nuzzling its horns into my throat. My neighbors had miniature brachiosauruses that were nibbling on geraniums in their front yard.

This is a limited edition sticker, sold only during September.  There are 48 available.

No longer being sold, sorry!

As always, this is a homemade, hand cut, matte finish sticker. It measures 4" by about 3.3". There is no additional shipping. All sent in a standard envelope with a cute drawing on it by me. And as always, if you have the desire to pay me extra money, the option is available (and super mega appreciated).

Please remember to choose a payment option before clicking "buy me!"- International buyers, please choose international shipping for the first sticker and US pricing for any additional stickers.

Thank you to those who bought last month.  You bought us gas and medicine... and medicine for gas!


  1. I love the Rex with ice cream!!

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  3. oh, a teacup dino would be SO CUTE!

  4. Don't you enjoy puzzle games, Miss JRose?
    I love your drawings, as always-
    have you tossed around children's book ideas?
    You would be so good at it! My sons occasionally see your pictures and they light up-though mostly at the Optimus Prime one.

  5. If he only had one more scoop he could actually taste the ice cream...

    I think they've found fossil evidence that T-rex actually preferred waffle bowls for this reason.

  6. So, I just had to say, I loved your dream of mini-dino's so much, I had to buy a sticker.
    And I totally second the children's book idea.


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