Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cheeseblarg's First Official Scavenger Hunt

I was talking to my friend, Kim, because she's awesome, but also because she has been having a crap-filled couple of days, not literally, at least I don't think so, but stressful as all get out, and she suggested that she needed to get out of the house to clear her mind.  Being the awesome and creative friend I am, I offered to create a scavenger hunt for her, because adventures are more exciting than moping in public. But then, the point of scavenger hunts, as I understand them, is to have competition, so that is where you guys come in.

While you could go the cheaty route and just google crap (especially if you are stuck in an office building and aren't allowed to leave your cubicle because you are chained to it until the whistle blows-- yeah, I have never actually worked in an office setting so I imagine that is how it works, right?) there are some items that will require actual photos, and really, actually taking the pictures yourself is more fun... but if you do google, against my will, it better be super creative.

Photo sets can be uploaded to with a link to your images in a comment here.  You can also, alternatively, upload your images to a post on your own blog and paste a link in the comment section.

First 3 people to post completed hunts (that are not googled/binged/searched for on the internet and show that you actually left the house to do it), win an envelope of happiness from me in the mail.

Next 3 people to post completed hunts win a special personalized scavenger hunt winner badge.
And since only six people actually read this regularly, that should cover it.

No, no, all others will receive a scavenger hunt badge for their blog, or wall, or refrigerator.

Winners will be announced in a separate post and I will request addresses at that time to send out prizes.

Now, on to the hunt!

Remember, you can be as creative as you like, as long as one could reasonable associate your photo with the item on the list.

1. A cat in a window
2. Bare feet in grass
3. Bacon
4. A squeaker
5. 3 people holding cards
6. Cheese on an entire family
7. Someone wearing a hat
8. A bird, not in a tree
9. The color red, only the color red
10. You holding a sign referring to Da Cheeseblarg
11. The cutest chocolate you can find
12. Velcro
13. An upside down book
14. Something I write about all the time but have not put in the list
15. Ice cream
16. A chance
17. Something nerdy
18. A yellow flower
19. A crack in a sidewalk
20. The inside of a grocery store
21. A person wearing a barrette
22. A scavenger

I will also accept drawings/painting for each item, but they must be done by you, and stick figures don't count!


  1. Squee!!! I can't wait to get started. Some of these are gonna be so fun to come up with a creative way of doing them.

    I love you!! You're pretty much as awesome as they come.

  2. Is there a time limit? I'm pretty sure I can finish this in a month or so, so I hope the last person to complete this gets a prize too. Although it seems it might be impossible to judge that one.

    I also read #2 as "bacon feet in the grass" and wondered how the heck I was going to find that.

  3. Bacon feet in the grass? Alan - if you have those, stay away from my dog.

  4. I'm in! I got to be part of a "Gnome Hunt" for a 13-year-old's birthday party recently and I've wanted to do something like that again. So fun!

  5. LESDOTHIS. Oh wait... I have to actually leave my house... xD

  6. So do we post them on the "pool" as we take them? /has never really used flickr

    Also, I hope you know that I plan on doing this without leaving my house... because I'm lazy and determined all at the same time.

  7. @goldfish- once you have them all taken, you would upload them to the pool. =)

  8. Awesome, thanks! Now to figure out how to get a picture of the inside of a grocery store without leaving my house...

    =.= /squinty face of concentration

  9. ok really funny that the first one is cat in the window because I just took one in Montreal (Canada). CANNOT WAIT TO DO THIS AND THEBN BLOG ABOUT iiiiiiiT!!!!!!!!!! :) :) YAY!

  10. @goldfish get a telescopic lenses, those things are awesome

    now to figure out how to convince people to let me cheese them


    EPIC scavenger hunt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. FYI my "captcha code" was NONSI, I feel like this could be Latin for nonsense or something, seemed appropriate :)

  13. So we get something just for participating?!

  14. @Mel- I don't know yet. Once all the top prizes have been given out and before the next scavenger hunt?

  15. okay, to those that have finished already I am sadly of the "chained to desk" variety and it will take me weeks to finish this... (so am am viewing you with minor amounts of contempt-with-a-smile) but I am determined to finish and will reward myself with bacon!!


  16. I did it, I even made my dad drive me to the shop :L

  17. Alright, I put all the pictures I got so far up on flickr. Me and my baby sister did it together, so she got some cameos XD

  18. OOOh, I've joined in late.....but I love a scavenger hunt, especially ones that involve bacon!! I've got some catching up to do....running to get my camera now....!!!! - Ginger Roo


    THERE'S THE LINK. :D Dis wus fun.

  20. Wish I'd not been living on Nyquil for the past few days and been able to see this! I'm so late. lol

  21. I'm so late! But I am doing it anyways!


    I added deh cheese on a family picture. Now will someone give me attention?!?! -Smooths hair-

  23. I did it!!!

  24. HOORAY! We have our 6 main winners. I should have results post up by Monday! =D

    And of course, there are still prizes for just participating, so don't be discouraged!

  25. It took FOREVER to upload and label everything. Mine are under the name "Knitta Mortis" (which happens to be my Roller Derby name!) I took every picture myself within the last 12 hours except for two. One of those was drawn in paint, and the other was taken two weeks ago. ^_^ It was so much fun! All day I kept the list with me and my phone camera ready.

  26. @Ronja- Hooray! The note cards and them all hiding cracked me up...

  27. I asked the boyfriend if he would put cheese on him, but he was all grumpy and said that the internet shouldn't see him like that. The dog probably would have eaten the cheese and The Hedgerhog would have just been pissed. People don't appreciate my love of the absurd around here!

  28. I saw the scavenger hunt this morning and dedicated today's blog post to it - Critters From Cheeseblarg's Scavenger Hunt

    I'm inspired to keep working on it this weekend!

  29. I kind of fail at life... but that's okay. I got some funny pictures xD

  30. What I was able to get without leaving my house:

  31. I know the scavenger hunt has been long over, but I had fun and want to share my photos anyway.

    Hope the link works. If not, they're on Da Cheeseblarg flickr group too.


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