Saturday, October 15, 2011

Cheeseblarg Takes Manhattan- An Update

I would like to announce that my friend and great patron Kelly L. is friggen amazing. 

While I still need to raise quite a bit of money (we've gotten up to 28 percent), thanks to Kelly and her frequent flyer miles, my plane ticket to NYC is now covered. Booked actually. 

I'm trying to get as much coverage on this as I can. There are only 5 days left and I think we really can meet this goal.  I need to get the word out, though, because now I have a ticket and I don't think that sleeping on the streets of NYC is legal or advisable for tourists.  So again, even a dollar can help (and has a prize) and all sharing of my project can make a difference.... as can coming up with awesome ideas like Kelly's that cost no extra money but get me where I need to be.

I can't even express how amazing it is that my plans seem to actually be working for once, and I am hoping against hopes that this is not part of the Experiment

Want more information on this post? See Cheeseblarg Takes Manhattan!  Go, and make sure to watch the videos.  And remember, I don't get any money, at all, unless my goal amount is reached.  This is not a donation, but an investment in art and da Cheeseblarg. I get NO money unless I get enough pledges.


  1. Every bit helps! If everyone pledged a dollar it'd be reached in no time I'm sure.

    Kelly is definitely the queen of awesome!!

  2. And yet, strangely, no one has pledged a dollar. More, but not a dollar. *tilty dog head*

  3. I was so excited about this trip for you and wanted to go pledge some cash for you out of my lowly student budget. HOWEVER! For some reason the site didn't accept that card that I have and I was truly devastated :(

  4. I like the tilted crown on your head. Not many monarchs can pull that look off.

  5. I was totally going to pledge money, and then my husband cut his finger off in a tragic muli tool accident (and I am so not even joking) and sadly ER bills are not cheap. I am really hoping you can make it though.

  6. Ha, I've been so busy racking up more frequent flier miles that I totally didn't see this until just now. You're awesome, Jodee!!

  7. Also, I can neither confirm nor deny any involvement with The Experiment.


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