Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cheeseblarg Takes Manhattan

So, you know how I am awesome and everyone loves me and thinks I'm great?  This now extends to a certain, equally awesome, red-headed late night host... or well, maybe his staff of art/marketing people who he never talks to, but damn it, someone thinks I rule, and they're right.

I got an email Thursday morning letting me know that my piece from the post "Be Cool, My Llamas" was chosen to be shown in an official art show in NYC from the 24th of October until the 3rd of November at the Time Warner Center in New York City. And then I had to wrestle with my computer AND a printer (and you should know how I feel about printers) to get the stuff turned in, since it needed to be in by the next day, and because I am super eager (read:desperate) I may have actually injured myself getting it all in within two hours of getting the email (again, I blame it on the printer wrestling, which should be some sort of official sport).

So, I should have my VERY FIRST show in NEW YORK CITY at the end of this month, which is one of my life goals. Unfortunately, since I have an income of $25 a month (yeah, totally not kidding) I should be missing my very first art showing in New York City.

I think at this point there are only two viable solutions (since robbing a bank or something similar is not viable- I'm too nice for prison):

Either that late night show that is going to be showing my art should take pity on me and fly me out there,
Someone should sponsor me to get me to New York for the show.

Reasons to send me to NYC:

RSS readers, there is a video here. Please visit the actual blarg to view a special message from me! 

I am not responsible for alcohol poisoning or liver failure if a drinking game is made regarding the amount of times I say UM in my video. I'm an artist/writer, not an on air talent. =P

So, let's make it happen. Just think of the wealth of art and hilarious posts that you could contribute to!

See more info on funding this project and the rewards you get for helping here at Kickstarter.com, where the pledges have already started to roll in!

Please, feel free to share this on your blog. It really could help!


  1. *throws money at da cheeseblarg*
    Consider yourself (partially) funded. You never know, the next project could be in Australia!

  2. Also, any other bloggers out there, if you could put the widget for J's Kickstarter on your blog, I'm sure she'd appreciate it (I'm speaking on your behalf now J :D)

  3. Jrose, that is awesome!! You are super talented and totally deserve it. My internet can't get your video for some reason but I wish I could see you say um so many times-

  4. "I've never been pickpocketed...so there's that."

    Brilliant! I hope the company pays to fly you out because that would be sooooo cool.

  5. @Eleven's Ink- when you go to kickstarter, under the video, there is an embed option. There is an option once that is clicked to embed the video or a widget.
    I had to search for it too. ;)

  6. omg you're adorable! good luck with your trip

  7. J, just a thought, but perhaps you should add the widget to YOUR OWN BLOG!
    Silly duffer :)


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