Friday, November 18, 2011

Charming Thanksgiving Fun

As I said last year, I like to terrorize my Thanksgiving guests and make them DO things before they can have their dinner.  Because I use up all my creativity drawing stupid pictures and joking about horrifying genres of porn, my staple torture device is "The Hand Turkey." If you are unfamiliar with the hand turkey tradition, you are either not American, were home-schooled, or may have some sort of memory disorder.  Basically, you trace your hand, and make the tracing into a turkey. Very complicated stuff.

I tried really hard to come up with more Thanksgiving crafts, but it took way more effort than I was willing to expend and I thought googling would be cheating. If you have any, especially if they are really awful (not goatse awful, please... although... no, not goatse awful) do let me know.  In the meantime, I created an easy set of print-outs so you can share my Thanksgiving traditions with your families.

Extra llama points if  you post a hand turkey on the FB page... just so you know!

Also, PLACE CARDS!  You have to have place cards at family dinners, because, a) you certainly cannot trust people to pick their own seats, and b) actually telling people where to sit is out of the question. You are already flustered enough trying to get everything out passive-aggressively hot so Aunt Beverly doesn't bitch that the potatoes are cold again this year, and if you have to repeat yourself at all, you may just stab a ho'.

I've included one for if your family has a sense of humor, and one to keep you from being disinherited. Just print it out on card stock, carefully cut along the blue border and write your guests' name in the blank area. Or something like that...

*if you don't know what Goaste is and you look it up, it is not my fault. I'm not kidding. Curiosity/Cat/Yadda. Eye Bleach does not exist.


  1. Oh man, I have to admit I never did hand turkeys myself, but I enjoy them immensely.

    Other Thanksgivingy crafts...hmmm...I dunno about crafts but I've always loved making haystack snacks. It's essentially pretzels covered in a butterscotch, peanut butter mixture. I dunno if you can have, but they're totally super yummy and messy and fun to make other people make lol.

    Make 'em make horns o' plenty!!

  2. Totally making everyone do these! Love them, jive turkey!

  3. 七面鳥はあっさりした味で好きですよ。

  4. I'm not American and I was homeschooled. Never had a chance.

  5. hahah cute. Free the turkeys!!

  6. @Greg- Allo!

    @Kelly, I wanna see them. Seriously!


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