Saturday, November 19, 2011

Everywhere a Llama, Llama- NYC

Since Saturdays are slow traffic days because, apparently, everyone else has a life and friends and stuff, I am going to share with you every single llama that resides within the American Museum of Natural History in New York City... because, I took pictures of ALL of them. Every single one.

To the LLAMAS!

Just read the label under it.

Those are llamas.

Also, a llama.

You guessed it, llama (and a cute spotted llama at that).

This one just wouldn't freaking stand still. I must have tried to take this picture about 30 times and this is the best of them. It was only about 2 inches high.... and is also a llama.

Boy llama.

Herd of gravy boat llamas.

I didn't see a single narwhal, but I was talked into leaving before I was done searching every room, in an attempt to get to the Bronx zoo before it closed.  We didn't get to the zoo because we started out late and had a few subway mishaps... but it gives me an excuse to go back.  


  1. ha!! Tonya's comment was genius. I love the llamas!!

  2. I thought I liked llamas, but you definitely like llamas more, and I am overshadowed. I am really happy I found your blog anyway.

  3. cuuute! was happy to see no drama llamas...

  4. I'm thinking that maybe they spelled it wrong, and its s'pposed to be "lama g lama", middle initial G, then that would make sense for his full name to be lama gama lama. And lama gama lama is so much fun to say, especially if you try to hold your jaw in the same position, mouth open slightly. LGL, LGL


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