Monday, November 21, 2011

It's (also) a Trap!

We've still not caught the mouse.  In fact, my husband is the only person in the house who has seen this mouse, and I am beginning to wonder if he is having rodent-centric hallucinations.
I bought two more humane traps today because he keeps seeing it in different rooms of the house, and since the trap in the dinning room area wasn't enticing it, it seemed only logical to get more.

Pro-tip for you: When you get a humane mouse trap, you have to put down the little flange so the effing mouse can get in it.


  1. It could possibly have been a rare migratory mouse that was passing through your house on a great grand journey. Q: Did it appear Canadian? If the mouse appears nearly eXactly six months from now only one time AND the mouse is moving in the eXact opposite direction, I would say "EEK! A Manitoban Montanan Migratory Mouse in the house!", and then try to get a refund on all the traps.

  2. My mouse mocked me humane traps. It ate peanut butter covered crackers and left me the crumbs. Honestly, it probably got too fat to actually get into the trap, and died of a heart attack. RIP mousey.

  3. Start leaving cotton balls soaked in vanilla extract around. They love those. (the alcohol probably gets them drunk...) then use THOSE as the bait. My friend the Orkin man offered up that hint. Think about it. Drunk mice, wandering around looking for the next fix won't even pay attention to whether it's a humane trap or not (I'm glad it is. Although the last mouse I caught in my house got fed to the snake)

  4. I remember once setting up a whole bunch of traps, which the mouse completely ignored. Then one night out of nowhere the mouse goes running across the room right under my brother's foot who accidentally stomps on it. Mice are weird. Good luck!

  5. I can never catch them in the humane traps. Gave up on them after 3 months. I did try the above-mentioned vanilla extract method. And peanut butter. And bird-seed. Even went out and bought mouse-food at the pet store and true that. Nothing.

    The very first night after we put down the easy-set kill traps we bought (they're shaped kind of like big alligator clips), we had three mice caught in the things.

    As bad as I felt about killing the poor little guys, they had gotten into my Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch. So, really, they signed their own death warrants, anyway.


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