Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cheeseblarg Takes Manhattan- Narwhal of Liberty

I've finished another from the Cheeseblarg Takes Manhattan series just last night and started on the last planned piece. Here it is. And remember, Cheeseblarg Merchandise makes great Holiday Gifts!

Narwhal of Liberty by cheeseblarg
Posters for sale on Zazzle

Macy's Day Parade Postcards for sale on Etsy
or get one for a bit less, perhaps on ebay.
I have two being auctioned.
(click here to see them)

As a bonus, there is a piece for sale in my Etsy store (that is fairly NSFW) from the time my work was on Regretsy.


  1. Awww, cuuute narwhal. And may I add, WOW! to the NSFW piece.

  2. I have a money making idea for you: Art of the month club!
    So say I pay you $120+20(for shipping) and every month you send me one of the little base ball card sized mini paintings of whatever you want! It would make the best Christmas present ever! it would be like "Hey I like you SO MUCH I got you a whole year of AWESOME!!!"

  3. This is not a bad idea, oh Anonymous one.

  4. I would totally pay to get art every month! It would be like my birthday every month!!! Plus it would be garenteed mail! everyone loves mail!!!

  5. Your drawings are just AMAZING! WOW!


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