Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hanukkah 2011- 3rd Night- Spuna Snax!

A common Hanukkah present theme is bargain food items, and here I am representing. I even have recipe ideas I've drawn up  for you! Enjoy!

Baru hata adanoi... I don't know how to really transcribe Hebrew but that is how it sounds to me... probably a lot like the song Ken Lee to a real Hebrew speaker...

Nom nom click/scroll

"This is what I'm giving my blarg readers tonight. Help me come up with recipe ideas. It's tuna cubes."
"That looks like Spam."
"Yes, but it is TUNA!"
"They should call it SPUNA..."
"They really should..."

I give you SPUNA SNAX!

Don't forget to refrigerate them after opening to maintain safety, OR you could just throw them in the garbage too... once you have tried these DELICIOUS and FANCY recipes, of course!


  1. Hahahahaha the menorrah made me crack right the hell up.

  2. Mmmmm... my mouth is watering... in an "Airplane!" kind of way.

    Thanks for another great gift!

  3. Hahhaha. My family's cats would LOVE them

  4. I know some people who would be super excited for those.

  5. They should come on a platter prepared for chocolate fondue.

  6. That is fascinatingly disturbing...


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