Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hanukkah 2011- 2nd Night- Chainsaw

This is actually a really good present, which is out of character for me... but only if you have a sense of humor and don't have kids around, because it is entirely not safe for kids, work, or anyplace else where you cannot listen to music that has dirty words and concepts in it... but it is one of my favorite inappropriate funny songs. 

This also kinda conveys my feelings pretty accurately... but you have to listen until the end. ;)

(click to open... or just friggen scroll down)

Oh, and I accidentally elbowed a 5th grader in the face the other day at my nephew's Christmas pageant.  I felt bad about that but thought it might make some of you guys laugh.  He wasn't hurt... he looked like he might be used to it from other kids.

Sorry, I digress. Your second night gift, by Jon LaJoie, one of the comedy masters of our time:


(rss folk, there is a video here)

No really, you should listen, even if you don't like rap music. The lyrics are comedy gold. It even makes my mom laugh. Which in turn makes me laugh when she sings along. 


  1. I don't give a chaaaaaaaaaaainsaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw!!!!!

  2. OMG batyote, that is awesome. Thank you!

  3. I want Batyote's weapon of choice to be a chainsaw.

  4. That's the best present I've ever gotten! chainsaw batyote!


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