Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Bloggess Paper Dolls

So I was taking a shower, thinking like I do while in the shower when I run out of choruses from songs I don't really know. I had just been tooling around on Twitter and there was a stream of tweets from The Bloggess about "The Traveling Red Dress," at which time I went and looked at pictures of Jenny in the Traveling Red Dress and shortly after, my shower thoughts went to how I adore the many dress up pictures of The Bloggess. I wasn't looking at twitter in the shower, in case that was unclear. Though, my weasels, I would love to own a waterproof electronic internet-ready device so that I could interface with Skynet at all times... but I digress.
I thought, you know what would be awesome... uh, Bloggess Paper Dolls. Because, I mega heart paper dolls (as we should know from my many dress up games) and I really wanted to draw Wolf Blitzer as a paper doll outfit. And while I usually would make a flash game, I thought it would bring people more joy to do it old school with the added happy of getting to color the outfits. Coloring + Paper Dolls is almost as good as bacon and frosting (but not together... bacon and then a while later, frosting).

So I (we, because she did the kick ass border), give you:

Seriously, click to embiggen, print it out, color all the outfits, cut them out, take pictures of them being played with. Share them with the both of us. Make Copernicus choke the hell out of her (not because we don't like her, but well... read the post and you will understand I mean her no ill will).

If you can afford it, please go buy an official version from her store.  All profits go to charity, and charity is awesome!

And secret fact:  My earlier draft had a "Beyonce the Metal Chicken" costume for The Bloggess to wear, but it was too clunky and she just looked like she worked at El Pollo Tropical, so I switched to a stalking Beyonce instead.

Also, some of the tabs are completely useless and are there to amuse me. Just fold them out of the way.

I also cannot be sure I washed my hair while I was taking that shower because I was really lost in thought. I think I did, but what does it really matter.

--Edited to add--

Want your own paper doll? 
For the first 10 people, I will draw your figure (colored) and two fashion pieces and two accessories (not colored) like The Bloggess Paper Dolls  for $30.  After that it would be $45 for the same. If you want something different (or more) let me know by emailing me cheeseblarg at live dot com, and I will figure out a reasonable fee. I'll just need photos of the figure you want drawn and clothing/accessory idea photos. Half payment is due upfront to hold your place. Doll shall be delivered by email within 2 weeks (and often way sooner).

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  1. "my weasels", I was confused for several seconds, but it is 3:14 AM, now back to the next sentence ...

  2. awww, i saw her tweet this yesterday. very cool!

  3. @esb- I have an aversion to exclaiming "My lord" or other versions of that, and other words like weasels often stand in... just for future reference.

  4. I LOVE paper dolls and would make my own all the time when I was little, but there were just out of regular paper, and so sometimes had light blue lines going through them. Still. They fucking rocked.

    These are fantastic.

  5. iPad in a large zip lock bag. There. Now you can tweet in the shower.

  6. @Bonnie... But I don't HAVE an iPad. I have a legalPad... but I don't think I could tweet with that.

  7. Love the paper dolls. Still cannot believe PETA has not launched a mad animal rights pincer movement on Jenny, Wolf and Beyonce, because that's how they roll.

  8. Oh. I thought we were your weasels; I mistook it for a term of endearment. I might have a sad life. Sigh. Will you please call me your weasel in the future anyway?


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