Sunday, February 19, 2012

First Secret Cupid Round-Up!

I am super proud and happy to officially report that our first ever Cheeseblarg exchange was a great success. I tried to plan in case of every eventuality, and there was only one (point five) emergencies to deal with, that I had already figured for, so taking care of it was pretty simple. I used a very simple method to chose partners- each person got the person directly under them in the sign up list, as long as they were from the same country AND from a different state. Texas was our most popular state so I moved people around to make sure that each match had someone who wasn't in their area, but otherwise, it just went down the line. The last person got the first person to sign up, which was me.

There were 34 participants in total, and I am fairly certain that no one died in the process (which is a measure I use to ascertain  the success of any venture I partake in... someone dies, it is a failure, but otherwise WIN! I suppose it is clear that I have yet to put together any human hunting teams or mass suicides).

Here is the gift I got from my long time friend, sometimes reader, and awesome exchange participant, Eric R., who is one of the funniest guys I know, and whose intellectual stick figure comics many years ago gave me an inkling that maybe I could do this too (he also was the only male in the exchange).

Peanut butter, honey and sea salt truffles from Compartes Chocolatier in Hollywood, CA. So tasty!

And here are some gifts and experiences of your fellow Cheeseblargians:

Had so much fun creating for this swap. I got spoiled rotten by my partner who sent me an amazing disproving chicken card and all the amazing supplies I received! The chocolates...didn't last long after the picture.                                         -Brandy Davis

I had a great time with the Secret Cupid exchange.
Husband and I have been together since high school (11 years), and we have only ever celebrated one Valentine’s Day – the first one.
I tend to poo-poo most holidays, I’m not a fan of Xmas, so much work and stress for so little reward, the only good thing about Easter is hot crossed buns, but I can just buy fruit loaf throughout the year, it’s almost the same thing, right? I’m Australian so Halloween is meaningless to me (I’m the lady that gives out apples if any kids come a knocking). So Valentine’s Day sits right up there with the rest. Ignored.  It was actually a lot of fun to join in the Cheeseblarg Secret Cupid.
The best part? – The grow your own Crocodile from an egg thing! BEST GIFT EVER! -Sarah H. 

I really enjoyed being part of this Secret Cupid Exchange. I got a lovely package with 4 bowls for me to use in my Bentos, as well as a map of San Antonio, and some packages of seeds. I loved the personalized pictures that my Secret Cupid drew on the bowls and the map. It really made me smile. I'd love to be included in a future exchange!    ~Kat

I'm sending a photo of what my secret cupid sent.
Unfortunately, I'm not sure who to give credit to, so maybe you could help me out on that piece. (It was Brandy up there *points* -JR)

It should be noted that I raise alpacas, which makes it even more fan-freakin-tastic that my valentine sent me a beautiful felted zipper pouch with an alpaca on it. Even better, she included a hand-drawn ACEO card with the alpaca from the pouch. I screamed and shouted, "Sweet!" when I opened my package, frightening my dogs in the process. It's so flipping cool, and I am so glad I participated.
 Really, it was exciting and fun even to be a sender of a package. It made valentine's day fun and exciting again. I haven't felt that way about it since elementary school. Would totally do this again (hint, hint).
I'm also including a picture of some of my herd, just for fun. (OMG SO CUTE! JR
Thanks again for coming up with this super sweet idea. -Britta

I was spoiled! Thank you to! She actually sent me a handmade tiny manatee named earl, which is my dream. Seriously cool. -Eke 

And yeah, it was super fun and only a little stressful for me, because I wanted everyone to be happy (and had to send out 68 personalized emails). I'm almost glad that I didn't go with my original idea of giving everyone my address and pretending they all got me as valentines, such lucky readers. =P 

Hopefully, the rest of the participants will link their blog posts in the comments here so you can see everyone's posts, because Cheeseblargians are some of the best readers and present givers I have met in my ENTIRE life. You can also see more gifts and interact over at Cheeseblarg on Facebook!


  1. I totally forgot to send in my pic and blurb for the round-up, but here is my blog post about it. :D

  2. i did not blog or take a pic, but I did note it on FB, which doesn't make me a complete a-hole. The truth is, my package of love from Nina S came during a very very stressful time, and it was the highlight of my week. No, my month. Thank you, Nina, and thank YOU, JRose.

  3. I had a super fun time picking out the stuff for my partner! I only just started a blog, so I didn't post about it but rest assured that the next exchange (I'm hinting too, here! Can you FEEL it?) will be thoroughly documented!

    1. This is Natalie from Texas! I didn't realize that Google had been such a poop and not put my name. It's been hating on me for a while now when I try to comment on blargs.

      Also, I got off my butt and made a post. Hooray!

  4. Haha that sounds like it went fantastic! Peanut butter, honey and sea salt truffles - what a surprising combination. Good?

    1. Super delicious. The filling borders on savory... which is thrilling.

  5. I am totally writing a blog post about mine today. I was thrown off of everything by my grandmothers passing and am way behind on everything. But I loved it, and I loved sending my secret cupid a gift, I just hope she liked it and didn't think it was too weird or anything, because it was weird, but I had very little to work on and well...I am a weird person.

    1. And look I wrote a post, that includes what I did for my person, because I wanted to talk about that too. Also no pictures, but links to what I got and sent.

  6. Hooray! I'm so glad the Alpaca pouch made it safely! I can't wait to have a farm to add some of those awesome fuzzy guys/gals to my family.
    And yes, I'm a dork and forgot to stick my letter in there telling you who I was, lol!

    So many fun packages!

  7. I carry my cowbell around in my purse! And I ate all the candy in 4 days (maybe less). I should really get everything togeather and take a picture. May be a while though since the dog sat on my laptop and broke it. Thank you so much Britta!

    I also loved giving my gift. It was fun to try to think of what my Valentine would like. And this is Ronja, by I can't sign with my google since the dog is such an evil poop monster.

  8. This was so fun! Thanks for all the time you put in it Jodee!

  9. I have to REALLY thank my secret valentine as i was probably the worst at this game...i have no blarg, i just like reading other people's and am extremely bad at describing myself (which might explain why i don't have a blarg). so thank you to the lovely person who got me the awesome lush products - they are PERFECT for me as i do a lot of travelling (i work on cruise ships) and solids are so much better to pack!! HOORAY!

  10. I had SO much fun with the cupid exchange. Except for a blurb at the beginning, I didn't post about sending or recieving. Been a bit of a slug at home lately. I'll get on that.
    ...If slugs ate gummy bears... I haven't broken into the snickerdoodles yet and I can't WAIT to wear my new socks!

  11. My cupid was awesome! My blarg post is Everybody loves VD, right?

    "M" was so right on, the squeezey eyed monsters are SO perfect!


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