Monday, October 1, 2012

You look like a monkey and you smell like one too!

And to celebrate, here are some of my favorite things currently:

(video above)

And as much as I am amused by Gangnam Style, I love this video below even more, especially when you read the translation:

And a birthday wish from my best Harry Potter nerd friend. I once made her a chocolate cheesecake for her birthday, with the Hogwart's Coat of Arms on it, created with royal icing, and snitches made of Lindt truffles dusted in edible gold powder. This was nearly as enjoyable, though I had no idea she had an animagus.

Also, I received a new drawing tablet as a present, which I love the heck out of... mostly because it makes me draw better, and it is awesome and fancy.  
Here is a drawing of my friend's adorable pug, Ollie, that I did with it:

So yeah, happy birthday to me (as of 4:04 in the morning, October 2nd). Thank you for reading the silly things I post, and for commenting, and clicking reaction buttons for another year. <3


  1. Woo! Happy Birthday!! ^_^ I hope you had lots of fun. And I'm sorry I'm so out of it that I didn't Get your birthday FB page up this year... *cries* I'm such a sucky fan!

    1. In my current location, it (my birthday) is still tomorrow... however, I was born in Florida, so the birth day actually started when I posted.

  2. Whoo Hoo, Happy Birthday Jodee :)

  3. Happy Birthday! And YAY for drawing tablets!

  4. Happy birthday darling! I'm gonna have to do something for you in a bit, but I plan on it :) Have a lovely day!

    I want a birthday cake dress!

  5. Happy Birthday!! thank you for sharing Klingon Style. I saw that on the TV the other morning and I so wanted to find the whole thing then promptly forgot..

  6. Yay, Happy Birthday! I hope you have a freaking awesome day! But no pressure.

  7. happy birthday, hopefully long life

  8. i am totally behind in reading my blogs, and so i wish to you a very happy entire birthday MONTH! : ) i celebrate my entire birthday month, so there's no reason to think you won't, as well... :D


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