Sunday, December 9, 2012

Hanukkah 2012: 2nd Night: CRAP!

Now, usually when you get crap for Hanukkah, it is something you totally don't want, but I am hoping this is crap you will enjoy. For tonight, you one get one page of "Crap!" but if you are complimentary, you might get much more in the coming days. Or you might get a stale Panattone. There is really no way of knowing.

Click here to biggify for ease of reading since blogger wants to be a dick and make this distorted at whatever size I make it.. 

Anyway, Happy Hanukkah, the second. Come back tomorrow for more presents.


  1. I'm familiar with the *gurgle* that presages "extreme bowel evacuation imminent!"

  2. Oh, I love the direction this is heading, Please, more poopie!

  3. I really like it! Love all the details-


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