Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tattoos... The final frontier.

I keep trying to egg my husband into getting a new tattoo.  He keeps telling me to shut up.

My husband has a lot of tattoos. I know I knew how many at one time, but he is wearing clothes and napping so I can't count for accuracy's sake, but it is somewhere around 18, one of which takes up most of his lower right arm.

The tattoo I have planned for him is, of course, for humor's sake, and also because I love Star Trek (he likes it, but gets annoyed when I watch TNG for hours on end. Pfft, doesn't change my mind. He needs this tattoo. It is the only thing that makes sense).

This is my artist's rendering- that is his actual hand. It would be on his left ring finger:

Tattoo Mock up w/o Wedding Ring

 Tattoo Mock up with Wedding Ring


  1. That is the most awesome tattoo idea I've ever seen!

  2. I don't even watch Star Trek and I think that's the funniest fricking thing, ever. Pure. Genius.

  3. I just literally felt my mind blow.

  4. This is pretty fantastic. This would also be a way to ensure that he always wears his wedding ring. He wouldn’t want anyone thinking it was a Reading Rainbow tattoo.

  5. Haha, love it! At first, I was scrolling down slowly, and I was thinking ok... it's Geordi, cool. But, then I saw the second picture, I loled, hard.

  6. How could he not want to run right out and tattoo that on his finger?


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