Monday, July 29, 2013

Cheeseblarg Takes Paris


Once again, I am in a juried art show that offers a prize for "People's Choice."  You are people, I draw cute llamas and impressive detailed structures, so how about it?


Of course, this is one of those pain the butt sites that makes you sign up for shit, but ALAS, there is a way around it.  If you would go to my profile (linked above) and click VOTE on the top right, it gives you the option of creating a new account OR login as a previous user. If you pretend you have a login already, you can log in using Facebook, so it makes it really easy.

The grand prize for this is a trip to Paris and a buttload of money, which would be freaking awesome. But even if I don't win that, I do have a chance to have my art shown there, which I am willing to settle for.

So, if you would vote, and get friends to vote, and strangers, pets if you have Facebook pages for them...I would super duper appreciate it AND if you leave a note here once you vote, I will send a surprise Cheeseblarg package out to one randomly picked voter in September.

Thanks, or perhaps I should say, Merci!
JRose of da Cheeseblarg


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