Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hooked on Straws

We've found that my cat's favorite toy in the entire world is a regular plastic drinking straw. On the bright side, his toys are REALLY cheap, or free, basically, if I bring extras home when I go out for fast food. He'll even fetch them if they're thrown for him, and will come back and drop them at your feet to throw again... after mauling your hand a little.

There are only two negatives... my house is full of chewed on straws. I tuck into bed at night and find them buried in my sheets. And then, there's this:

edited to add:


  1. Ha! Caught in the act! My cat is currently laying in my chair like she didn't puke all over it just this morning.

  2. So, Oz, my favorite cat ever ever, used to this exact same thing. Obsessed. He was an indoor-only kitty (literally not street-smart), and we found that if he got out, all we had to do was take an empty plastic fast food cup outside, and pull the straw back and forth in that lid's plastic X a few times. He would coming running like you'd just announced a free halibut buffet. Also, don't sleep with straw'd cups of water by the side of the bed, it's a horrible way to wake up-- drenched in water in the middle of the night.

  3. I used to have a cat that did this same thing. I gave him a straw when I had an extra one night after dinner, not even thinking about what would happen. He couldn't be trusted near a cup with a straw ever again. Our cat now just likes the paper the straws come in...mostly because I'm not stupid enough to relive dumped, sticky pop all over the coffee table again.


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