Thursday, May 22, 2014

Señor Butter Butt

If Stevie had his way, he would eat margarine for every meal. He seems to have no shame about it. I tweeted this the other night:

as I was turned to the computer, making fun of him online, this happened:

My husband just stood there and watched the cat happily licking the margarine off the piece of matzo I had gone into the kitchen to get (which prompted his meowing in the first place). Somehow he thought I had allowed this because I guess he thinks I am totally okay with disgusting cat mouth on my food.

This is not the first incident with the margarine. My mom left the end of a stick on the counter in the kitchen. I found it the next morning with suspicious tongue prints on it. He seriously won't eat anything else left out . My husband sat some chicken wings on a tray on the bed the other evening, walked away... cat totally ignored them. But he left an eaten ear of corn (that had margarine on it) and the cat was carrying it through the house, happy as could be.

Seriously, if he ever figures out how to open the refrigerator, I can totally see this happening:

1 comment:

  1. I am troubled that your drawings of Stevie are decidedly squirrel-like. Stevie would not approve.


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