Friday, January 25, 2013

Valentine's Cards: Set Two- From Your Unromantic Boyfriend

My next set of Valentines are what you would get if your boyfriend/husband could really get you the card he wanted to... that was based on an action movie. Or the ones that I would get you, because I like classic action movies, despite having a vagina.

And again, some available in my Zazzle shop if they haven't been taken down.


  1. Pew! Pew! I love that one. I still like the taco one (which, btw, I can't find in your zazzle store) best, but Pew! Pew! is a close second.

    1. To find the cards: If you are trying to find the cards in the Zazzle shop, but they don't seem to be there, please click the "content filter" link in the left navigation strip (it is towards the bottom), and allow PG-13 items to be shown, and they will magically appear.

  2. I can't decide which set I like best!! they're all so awesome.


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