Monday, October 14, 2013

Cheeseblarg's Ornament-O-Rama Project

If you'll remember from my many mentions, I was raised Jewish, which means that we didn't have Christmas trees... what with the not celebrating Christmas and stuff.

But now that I am an adult, and my family either lives with me or a couple blocks away, I insist on celebrating Christmas every year. I must make clear, I am totally in it for the festivities, and not for any religious reason at all. I will seriously celebrate any holiday where I can give or get presents, and make ridiculous amounts of food.

I don't begrudge other people their faith, as long as they are not jerks about it, in which case I might say snarky things behind their backs, but I just like being nice and celebrating things, so now my family is forced to celebrate Christmas (which is actually awesome this year since Hanukkah is super early, it would be utterly disappointing to twiddle our thumbs all through December).

In the past couple years, I have made do with my paper craft Christmas tree.

It is super cute, and I love it, but I wanted a REAL (fake) Christmas tree, so when everything was discounted after the holidays last year, my mom bought me a half-priced tree friend. Since, unlike everyone else in the world who has a lifetime's worth of decorations saved up, I have... none, I got myself a few ornaments as the leftover Christmas stuff got more and more reduced. However, since I'm a nerd, I ended up with about 7 ornaments that pleased me and stayed within the ever sucking budget of a starving artist.

Quick math problem here:

LOL I can't count.

As bitchin' as my Stay Puft Marshmallow Man ornament is, I don't think it is going to carry the whole tree, so I am launching, RIGHT NOW:

The Cheeseblarg Ornament-O-Rama Project.

As you have seen from my previous posts on the subject, I am working on my own ornaments, but I was reading Sonja's blog, Pintester, and I thought it would be awesome, and likely hilarious, if she and I got together to challenge people to make ornaments for my first ever family tree, since I feel like the Cheeseblargians and my fellow Pintestes are my internet family anyway. And since she agreed, here were are!

While I would love to have nerdy ornaments that are catered to my favorite themes:
  • Zombies
  • Bacon
  • Cats
  • Dinosaurs
  • Cupcakes (or sweets in general)
  • Ghostbusters
  • Doctor Who
  • Back to the Future Trilogy
  • Beetlejuice
  • Star Wars and Trek
  • Video Games
  • Llamas
  • Narwhals
  • Anything I have mentioned loving on da blarg
  • Absolutely not a whale under any circumstance

I will pretty much be happy with whatever I get as long as it is not particularly religious, or a dead animal that hasn't been properly taxidermied, or a live animal, or actual poop, OR a swastika ... even a really cute swastika. No matter how badly crafted it is (pin fails are awesome), I will totally put it on my tree.  Unless it is a whale... in which case I will cry and cower in a corner.

I will be making a post on Black Friday with photographs of each ornament on my tree featuring links to blogs or shops of anyone who has sent me an ornament, so that your pages receive extra traffic, and hopefully sales (if you are a seller of crafts).

So there is your challenge: Ornament me!

The Fussy Details:

  • Ornaments need to be to me by November 21st. I want to have plenty of time to arrange and photograph ornaments, as well as code the subsequent post.
  • Please, be sure to include your name, email address, and blog address (and/or online shop address) with your ornament so I can give you proper credit.
  • Please, don't send me things that you want back. I hope to make these ornaments part of my yearly tradition.
  • You don't HAVE to make your own ornament-- I will happily accept purchased ornaments, BUT I need you to include the maker in your credit information so everyone gets the traffic they deserve.
  • I will also accept garlands and other things that trees traditionally wear (except toppers... I will cover that one).

  • All packages can be sent to:
J Rose
[address redacted]

And finally, for my readers, please consider blogging about your ornament making experience and entering it in Pintester's "Pintester Movement," should you get inspiration for your ornament from Pinterest.

Here is a link to Cheeseblarg's Ornament-o-Rama board on Pinterest, also, in case you would like some further inspiration.


  1. That is the cutest swastika I have ever seen. Came here via the Pintester and I think I'll stay a while. :)

  2. Not sure that I'll manage to send something in time (specially since I'm in Sweden) but if I get chance during my crafting I'll defo make something and send it later <3

    1. Yours is allowed to be late. <3 If you are going to send something, you can email me a picture of it so I can get it on the post before it gets here. =D

  3. Just dropped a fancy octopus in the mail. Hopefully it will be there in time.

  4. I am hopefully sending off an ornament to you tomorrow! Great idea! :)

  5. Putting mine in the mail tomorrow. This is such a fabulous idea and from your list of favorite ornament theme I feel like we could be good friends.
    Thanks for giving our crafts a good home.

    1. Thank you! I am happy to be an ornament foster mom!

  6. ok.. after reading your post, I am going to send you my cupcake ornament ( (a) because I can make more; (b) because you specifically stated cupcakes in your ornament-wants list; (c) I remember when I was first out on my own and had a tree and no ornaments, and this is a BRILLIANT way to get so many cool ones!! and (d) I used to live in Helena, so I feel a certain kinship with you... even though when I lived there, I was too young to even know where I lived and I also have no memory of it, but my Mom told me we lived there, so it must be true! Happy real (fake) tree decorating!!

    1. Thank you! I look forward to adding it to my collection! =D

  7. I'm never going to make the 21st deadline but I will make it before Christmas! I promise! Stitching a narwhal takes longer than I thought.....

    1. If you take a picture of it and put it on your blog and send me a link, I will try to make sure it gets into my post, should it be done by that time. Also YEA! NARWHAL!

  8. Ok update. I finished stitching. Yea! If I can get it made into an ornament soon, (like tomorrow) it might not be as late as I thought! Yeah, narwhal. Who knew they made that pattern!?. Gotta love Etsy. Will take a pic and send.

    1. It looks awesome. I'm sure it can make it in time.

  9. Did you ever receive my ornament? It was the sheet music one. Let me know!
    Kristen -

    1. I did, I posted pictures of it on black friday! Thank you!


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