Wednesday, April 27, 2011

These are a few more of my favorite things!

I received this award from Mollie at OK in UK a bit ago (check another off my list of goals, though, I am glad to accept many more... many more... who would like to be my award coordinator intern?)

And it was supposed to come with the caveat of listing 10 of your favorite things, but that was waved for me since I am clearly too famous and important to play by the rules (which is not at all true, but I am a bit of a bastard and the point is, I was planning on doing these anyway, and it was convenient, though it took me a couple weeks to motivate myself to actually do my illustrations... otherwise, I may have taken the out and looked like the jerk I really am... which you now know I am from reading this... shit.).

So, my 10 favorite things in the following categories:



The color of your eyelids when you close you eyes and turn your face to the sun on a warm day.


A tie between

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The sound of a ratchet


The call of a mourning dove


Dank Mud *scratch and sniff* 

(I kid, leave your poor monitor alone!)

Cleaning Product:

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser- still...

80's Cartoon about underwater creatures:

The Snorks

Flavor of Pudding:

Butterscotch... mmmm.

Letter to write in cursive:

That's an L.

Kind of cheese (suggested by Bonnie at the FB fanpage):

Gouda... or Butterkase, which is really plain looking and not very fun to draw.

And finally, my favorite video game:

Na na na na na na na na na na, Katamari Damacy!

And... If you wanted to answer your favorites in these categories (with illustrations) on your blog, I will happily come and look at them if you direct me to the post! 

Thanks again, Mollie... and I look forward to working with you voluntary unpaid award coordinator, whoever you might be! 


  1. My captcha code was chieso, so I feel I must also say:

    Mmmmm cheese......

  2. I do a pretty wicked mourning dove call (amateur level -- I'm not a pro). If we ever happen to attend the same BBQ, I'll try it out on you.

    I would now like to see your list of worst items in the exact same categories. Worst cursive letter will be a tough choice.

  3. Your creativity and humor continue to impress! I really like the color section. The picture is wonderful. It takes the viewer into your eye(s). Very nice...
    You may also enjoy the call of a wood thrush. Very ethereal and otherworldly, although they don't hang out in your neck of the woods, I'm afraid.

  4. I love Katamari Damarcy! Granted, I get freaked out by the 'king' or whatever character he is.

    I always thought Magic Eraser was a hoax, until I owned my first one, used it...and then went to Big Lots and bought a box of them for cheap!

  5. L's are SO much fun to write in cursive!!! :D

  6. Hahahaha! The color of your eyelids :D That made me snort.

    Mmmmm butterscotch pudding. I found a recipe recently for making butterscotch from scratch that I simply must try.

    I picked up my peeps today so I shall work on creating my scene tomorrow. Woohoo!!

  7. *sits feeling lame because I gave you an award too...*

    Congrats, I mean!

  8. PS I like writing Ls in cursive, and my middle name starts with an L, so I get to write them ALL the time!!

  9. @♥α§ђ£ε¥™♥ Oh, honey, you gotta link me to things so I can find them! Especially awards!

  10. i LOVE katamari damacy!!! although i tend to yell at the screen when the ball goes the wrong way or won't pick up the thing that is CLEARLY in my direct path!...but whatev! :D and SNORKS! gotta love the Snorks although it's kinda like Smurfs just underwater...or is that just me?

  11. k..I'm gonna try to draw...then come back and tell you....p.s!!!

  12. I love bacon too. I'm Canadian like that. Have you had a maple bacon cupcake??? If not, you must. Delicious!

  13. I love supreme pizza without mushrooms, so I'm not sure if the lack of srooms makes me a supreme being. I do like bacon really well, so I'm thinking "yes". I like nice people, puppies, and pretty pictures, oh, and selling Vibram FiveFinger shoes. I am getting Komodo Sports, black-gold-grey, for myself for the first time today, excitement reigns! And I like alpacas from a distance, so far I have only seen them on teleBision, and at a zoo-able distance. Grapes, can't forget about the grapes, I like growing grapes, hopefully getting my first harvest this year.

  14. Nice Choices.

    Saw a recipe for bacon ice cream... the blogger is not a redditor but still wrote about their recipe developing process.

  15. I will take you up on the challenge!

    Give me a couple days, and then visit

    xoxoxo, cd

  16. You're so fun, I love your sense of humor. I laughed out loud at "Gouda is good-a" because I say that too. It is muy muy good-a. I'm probably going to grow a gouda ass from over-consumption.

  17. J:
    Changed my mind...
    go to
    instead (or ALSO!)

    xoxoxo, cd

  18. And, you can do so sooner than we thought!
    Fries are Up!

    xoxoxo, cd

  19. Wow-famous person with that BIG award :-) Your favorite things blog made me smile!

  20. This is my attempt at drawing my favourite things on my blog...I hope you like it :D

    Ps love the blog!! :) xxx

  21. there.. i finished....

  22. i love your explanation for orange; SNORKS! oh my heck...; bacon, cheese... mmmm... hungry...

  23. ok... done!


    and... love the bacon picture :)


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