Tuesday, April 26, 2011

She's Crafty!

So the other day, I became very motivated and spent several hours aggravating myself by doing crafty projects for the blarg. I say I aggravated myself because, at heart, I am a painter or at the very least, a drawer... one who draws, not a sliding receptacle for your socks, underwear, and shirts (yes, yes or any of the other things that people put in drawers, I am not a drawer, I am a draw-er).  What this all means is that I am a complete slob when it comes to art, and so, trying to get things to actually look neat and ordered pushes the boundaries of my boundaries, and by that, I mean my patience.  And I am pretty damned patient, unless I am trying to sew things and the thread ties itself into knots to taunt me, or I think, 'oh, yes, I need to put the needle through here though I am not completely sure it will work... oh, no it won't work, that looks like crap... FFFFFFFfffffuuuu... undoing needle stitches through felt now results in me sewing backwards, awesome.'  Or something not nearly as specific.

And then I switched to clay... I took classes in pottery in college and my teacher asked me if I was planning on taking any more. My resounding "No!" was met with a not too nice, "Oh, thank goodness!" Now, that is work with cups and saucers and teapots and all that crap, and I have a great respect for people who can and desire to do that, but I can't and don't... mostly because it is beyond my boundaries of patience (I feel like we've been through this before), and so I just slap things together and hope not to fail (if I am being graded). I am fairly good at figure work, and animals... though again, my sculptures do show my special touch of impatience, which I now declare as a stylistic choice, if things don't go exactly as I expect them to.

So without further ado, my cheesy crafts (which will be placed for sale later, once I am able to procure a ruler, because there doesn't seem to be one in this house, and having the knowledge that you had a green see-through ruler, once, when you were in fifth grade, 20 years ago, while interesting doesn't really help me much when I want to measure something for a proper description now):

Narwhal Magnet (heart not included- except for in the picture where it obviously is)

Mini Narwhal Figure Thingy (man, my thumb is wrinkly)

Felt Narwhal Barrette (the clippy good kind)

Llama Magnet (it's stylistic, not sloppy!)

There will be more coming in the future... there has to be, because I bought all the things to make more so I am determined to use them and get better at things I am not great at, which is the theme of my year.  And I take suggestions... though, unless you're actually paying me, I'll make what actually strikes my fancy.


  1. Might I suggest devising a tool of some sort in order to help smooth out those pesky lines where you have joined pieces? I have found simple household items to be super awesome (and silly cheap) for creating polymer creations. Toothpicks, straws, pens, pencils, erasers, paperclips... a variety of lengths and widths are good to start out with till you figure out what you actually will use often enough to keep in your "grab bag" of clay tools. :)

    ps. Mini-Narwhal is totes adorable and screams for a mini-tea party of other sea creatures! :D

  2. Have you ever looked for pictures in the lines of your thumb? I have with my freckles and my stretch marks...it's kinda fun, especially when you first wake up and your mind is ultra loose and relaxed ;)

    I love the narwhal with the heart. It looks like he's in love. Very much not jerk-like.

  3. While we're on the topic of your creativity...Why have you not created your own blarg design yet? It seems strange to me that such an artistically inclined person has a generic blarg layout.

  4. Bleh, I spent HOURS today trying to make jellyfish. (and no, this is not a joke or a convenient half- truth to fit the comment to the post!)
    First from model clay (they ended up looking like nipples, as the boyfriend helpfully commented) and then from wool rovings, which ended up as a) a pansie and b) a felt bead. I should have tried llamas instead. Or an obvious narwhal.

  5. sweet! if it strikes you to make sea horses or turtles, let me know. : )

  6. I am completely enamored (such a fun word) of the little silky lizards and other animals that are filled with sand. I haven't had one for years sadly. They're so cute I'm seriously considering going to find one this weekend.

  7. i am in love with the magnet narwhal and the little berrette.

  8. If I spent any time finding pictures in my stretch marks I would wind up jumping in front of a truck. So instead I will enjoy your art - love the barrette, the llama is a little jacked, lol. Stylistically jacked, of course.


  9. Heheh ok those are cute, especially the llama magnet. While I am crafty, there are plenty of crafty type things that try my patience (like, oh, drawing). In any case, I can completely sympathize with not being able to find a ruler when you need one; next time, try a standard #2 pencil, or a battery, coin, etc. While those won't give an actual measurement, it will give people a pretty good idea of size :-)

  10. i'm so glad you clarified that you are a draw-er... not a drawer. i was confused for a minute! lol

  11. and the llama is my favorite :)

  12. Good one...this reminds my my childhood.....

  13. As a fan of the unusual mammals, perhaps add a moose to your collection of crafts. Or maybe a tapir? Best of luck!

  14. my favorite is the felt narwhal

  15. LOVE the barrette!

    I also think I am crafty, but my nenesis is polymer clay. Tried making a button, once...disaster.

    I'll continue with my painting. Working with acrylics, this week!

    xoxoxo, cd

  16. you should do elephants. because of their already wrinkled nature, they can look as "stylistic" as need be. and they are cute :)

  17. i saw this and just had to share with you...its a webpage that translates everything you type into LLAMA!


  18. I always see "sloppy" as your unique style. Your paintings have a certain sloppiness to them, and they're awesome. And I still want a sugar glider drawing. *innocent face*

  19. I want to poke someone with that Narwhal

  20. I'm with Yarn Dependent on that one! (Above comment) Poking is how I communicate with other human beings.

    Poke = Are you listening to me?
    Pokepoke = I like you!
    Jab = NO!
    Poke with Narwhal Figurine = Look at my cool Narwhal. Look at my cool Narwhal. Look at my cool...
    Poke with stick = I think you're dead, but I'm not sure.
    Poking Incessantly = Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! (Repeat as much as wanted)
    Poke with writing utensil = I want to give you a tattoo of an angry cloud with teeth.


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