Monday, September 5, 2011

Winner, winner llama dinner.

I was quite pleased with the turnout on our first Scavenger Hunt, in that there was actually a turnout, and there were more than six entries.

Our top three winners, who actually left their houses to find all the items and/or interacted with other humans:

Ten Blue Stars
Kim (who inspired the hunt to begin with!)

Lady-people, please send your mailing address to cheeseblarg at live dot com and I will get that envelope of happiness out to you by the end of the week.

And the next three, who had a mix of googling and human interaction are:

Ms. MM

I loved your creative pictures and senses of humor in fulfilling my list. Thank you! Here are your personalized badges!

And to all the other people who have turned in their hunt finds, and who are still working on it, here is your badge.  It is on the honor system, but I will totally be mean to you if I find that you are using it without having  joined the llama games.

Please, go look at everyone's hunt results. They all did a great job.

As far as future scavenger hunts, I was thinking a Halloween Hunt might be lots of fun-- that is, that has to be done ON Halloween.  What do you think?


  1. Curse my life threatening infection! I totally wanted to play, I might even have done so if I could get out of bed without puking, and falling over, resulting in more morphine and having to stay in bed.

  2. Halloween? Yes please. Thanks for the badge, imma put it on my wall the second I can turn it into a poster.

  3. :D :D YAY! I would totally be up for a halloween one! I'll be at uni then so I would have to see what I can do maybe I will be able to recruit more people to join my cause and get them to head cheeseblarg...hmmm plans... ¬.¬

  4. I guess I'm still in the running for last place?

    I'm not a big fan of single-day deadlines. Why not make it "the holiday season scavenger hunt" instead? Nice and loose, open to interpretation.

  5. Halloween hunt would be awesome! I think it'd be fun to have a special Halloween only hunt in addition to possibly a seasonal hunt like Alan suggests.

  6. Halloween would be fantastic ^_^ I think I'm with Alan on that running for last place thing. I got distracted by elephants....but really, there were elephants. I had to go see them.

  7. halloween is tied with st. patrick's day as my favorite holiday (for very different reasons). i'm like the biggest costume nerd ever, so totally down for something like that.

    and ekio, that is a perfectly reasonable excuse. elephants can be quite distracting.


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