Monday, November 5, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday, Cheeseblarg!

Here we are again. This little blarg that I started two years ago on this date is celebrating its birthday. It's done so much in that time, and I hope it does much more in the future.

Remember the time when we won Blog of Note from Blogger? And that time that we went to NYC to hang out with our Coco Llama in Conan O'Brien's gallery with the help of you readers? And we won Voice of the Year from BlogHer? And I was published not once, but twice, with Cheeseblarg art?

Yup, we've done a lot so far, and someday, we'll get our mention from a celebrity and we'll finally buy that Unicorn Jumbo Jet we have always wished for!

Happy Birthday, Cheeseblarg, and thanks for reading again, and always! And of course, I made cake!

If you want to give Cheeseblarg a present, share your favorite post with friends and celebrities, or cash donations work to. ;)

...see more about the creation of this cake below...

We'll kind of a cake. It is made out of rice crispy treats and frosting and fondant (bought and made). My first time doing anything like this, and also, I blame the cracks on Montana weather and not having any patience with fondant after 4 hours of working on making this.

Here are the process pictures, from concept to making a complete mess of my already messy kitchen.

Also, my computer still does that thing where it randomly scrolls up to the top of whatever page I am looking at. Who the hell thinks that is a function people want!? Maybe my computer is just defective. I should get a new one of those when I get my celebrity endorsement, too.


  1. Happy Blogoversary. That cake is adorable!

  2. Happy birthday to the best blarg ever! Love the llama.

  3. That cake is awesome!!
    Happy birthday blarg!!!

  4. Happy Birthday Cheesblarg!! Has it really been a year :O Plus that cake looks adorable! I want one! :P

  5. It's so cute it makes me wanna vomit rainbows. Does/did it taste good?

    Happy birthday Cheeseblarg, and with many many more to come :D

    1. I've not eaten it, yet. Though I did eat part of the other flat disk I had made and covered my marshmallow fondant and it is delicious and tastes just like sugar covered rice crispy squares.
      After all the work I put into it, I couldn't just eat it right away. I am looking forward to the bottom circle though, because I ran out of crisped rice and had to use cocoa pebbles.

  6. Happy birthday Cheeseblarg!
    My computer has also scrolled to the top of webpages before, each time caused by a cat thinking the keyboard looked like a nice pillow.

  7. Hi! I am your newest follower and was hoping that you would hop on by my blog and follow me back.


  8. Happy Bloggiversary!

    That first crispy rive llama looks awesome. I would totally eat that!

    Sometimes my scroll goes funny, too. You're not accidentally hitting the "scroll lock" key, are you? That button sucks!

  9. I adore you. That cake is AMAZING! I'm so late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHEESEBLARG!


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