Monday, June 2, 2014

Google Image Upgrade: Medical SafeSearch

I recently went to the doctor because I had to go off of my medications that quiet all of my crazy autoimmune diseases and I acquired a weird sore on my thumb that caused a volcano like hole that was fairly concerning to me.

He told me that if it got worse, I was to come back immediately, so of course, I went home and google imaged my diagnosis to see what "worse" would look like and then I immediately wanted to stab my eyes out with forks.

I appreciate that Google image has been proactive in filtering sexual content with their SafeSearch, which blocks out hardcore images (not that I ever use it, VIVA LA BOOBIES!), but what we really need is a search filter for medical images.

Without fail, every time you do a Google Image Search on a medical issue, there is one mild image showing what a normal case of the disease looks like, and EVERY OTHER IMAGE is like a 20 inch hole with gore and carnage exploding out of it.

Serious, no matter what it is. Hangnail? Stubbed Toe? Splinter? OMG!!! How the hell did someone get a log sized splinter in their eye!?

I'm not arguing that these images shouldn't be available, but dear lord, we need to be able to choose from mild, moderate and horrendous images when we're searching for actual medical images.

(^I did, that's a link to it right there^)


  1. I totally agree with you-it gets so nasty in a hurry. Though sometimes I do those searches to gross myself out.....try "rice bodies in the forearm" for a good time Jrose

  2. Oh, you're a nut and I like it. I have these medical dictionaries with pictures that really freak my husband out, so if he makes me mad I threaten to break them out. Cause I'm super sweet.

  3. If you are doing an image search for it, don't you want to see how bad it can get? It's like driving past a car crash and slowing down to get a good look.

  4. I don't do medical searches any more. No matter what I start out thinking I'm suffering from, by the end of a google search, I'm convinced I'm dying. And, yes, needing brain bleach. :P

  5. Oh YES!! I just finished a clinical rotation and had to search for "Decubitus Ulcer" and "Scrotal Fascitis." Seriously, look those up and you will see how I wanted to throw up in a matter of seconds. I'm gonna have to sign your petition! :)


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