Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Occupy the Holidays

It's getting closer to the holidays and after spending all night watching live feeds from Occupy Wall Street, I have some great gift ideas for your favorite Occupier!

Tired of hearing your occupying loved one complaining of being gassed and pepper sprayed?
How about this Festive Holiday Gas Mask?

It sure is getting cold up North and BOY, do those non-lethal projectiles sting! 
The Civil Disobedient Kitten Sweater is the perfect solution.

Cops raided your Occupier's camp and threw away all their food!? That won't happen again with the Patented Food Survival Suit- Holiday Edition!  Holds all your favorite Holiday Dinner leftovers in a place you are sure not to lose.

Choose from Holly Green, Jew Blue, Harvest Kwanzaa (red, black, and green), and Peppermint Stick!


  1. I found it very strange that there was a rock star between the legs. I guessed it was for entertainment. Then I realized it was an energy drink.

  2. Don't forget the holiday anchor (in the shape of a menorrah) to prevent police from ousting them!

  3. You are awesome. And also very thoughtful.

  4. Is it weird that I want the Food Survival Suit just for, like, the regular work day?

  5. Occu-"PIE" !!! What flavor would it be?

  6. Hilarious!!!! Excellent post... plus the hot dog pocket on the food outfit seems appropriately placed... just sayin.

  7. @esbboston - Well, it depends where you are... in NYC it would certainly be apple... big... apple.

  8. I love the proud but slightly sheepish smile on the face of the holiday gas mask presenter, plus the mask itself has a christmas steampunk thing going on
    Very funny, Jrose!

  9. Hey! You got pizza in my mango pocket! Knock it off!


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