Friday, April 1, 2016

Twentyish by Fortyish

Tomorrow I will be 39 and a ½ so following the tradition of age-related goal setting, with the all too poignant reminders I’ve had lately that life is far too short, I am coming up with a list of things I would like to do before 40, but as my twitter friend @JenniferFlaig suggested, I’ll make it by 40ish, because I am chronically ill and I’m not willing to beat myself up for not reaching goals that are arbitrary to begin with. So these are things that I would like to do in my life and soon, that I am willing to put some effort towards. Also, I do stuff I want to all the time, so I’m pretty sure I’m not going to come up with 40 things I really want to do that I haven’t done before (or in a really long time), so, here’s 20ish by 40ish:

  1. Go to the Grand Canyon
  2. Pick my nose at the Grand Canyon

  1. Get a book published by an actual publisher (and not just self-publishing- clearly this requires cooperation by entities other than myself which makes it so much harder)
  2. Gamble in Las Vegas
  3. Pick my nose while gambling in Las Vegas (also counts if it is just done in a casino)
  4. Pet a llama
  5. Snuggle goats (I would say pet a goat, but most of my childhood was spent petting goats apparently)

  1. Meet internet friends in person
  2. Read a new Stephen King book
  3. Collect all the cats in Atsume Neko
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  1. Go to a dentist despite being a complete dental phobe (extra points for not having overwhelming anxiety whilst doing so)
  2. Try bone marrow
  3. Vote for Bernie Sanders
  4. See the new Ghostbusters movie in the theater
  5. Pick my nose while watching the new Ghostbusters movie
  6. Plan a surprise party for my cat

  1. Write a short story
  2. Purge a bunch of my belongings that I don’t need or ever think about
  3. Make pasta from scratch
  4. Have funny colored hair (again, my college career was a time of rainbow hair)
  5. Eat an entire village
  6. Eat a fruit I've never had before, for dessert, after eating an entire village

And with that said, stay tuned for this exciting project!

Coming to da blarg (with extra content at Patreon for supporters) at the end of April!


  1. Well hot dog! I love that you will be able to multi-task on several of these! Your cat may think every day is a party already...


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